Making a Splash at Greater Latrobe


Freshman Colin Spehar takes a quick breath of air during his freestyle at the first swim meet of the season.

The alarm clock goes off at 5am and most students and teachers are just waking up, but that is a different story for the athletes during swimming and diving season.  The athletes’ priorities go beyond just waking up and getting ready for school like the average person. Not only do they need to do the same thing everyone else does, but also prepare for an hour practice at the crack of dawn.  Having enough energy is really important to get through the tough workouts.

Being a member of the swimming and diving team is a huge commitment in terms of how much time is dedicated to practicing for the meets.

“Swimming is a detailed and cardio intense sport, which requires an abundance of training,” said Head Coach Grey Arrigonie. “Our practice schedule allows us to train and work on the techniques needed to become fast.”

The swimmers and divers practice after school each day as well as before school twice a week.  The team practices for nearly twenty hours a week including both pool time and dryland. “The practices are a lot with morning practice Monday and Wednesday for two hours and three hours after school, but I think with all the hours we put in, it really shows in our races,” said sophomore Gracie Wetzel.

Many of the members have to change their daily routine in order to balance between school and swimming plus any other tasks.

“Although sometimes it has been a struggle to balance out academics and sports in any situation, I try to stay on top of it by using my time in school very wisely and getting the work I need done as soon as I get home,” said Wetzel.

The team recently had their first meet in December and kicked off the 2018-2019 season with a victory over Mount Pleasant.

The season is looking good for the members individually as well as the team as a whole that welcomed eight new freshman who are showing a lot of potential for their future swimming career at the high school.  

“I would like to see the team continue as a top level swimming program,” said Arrigonie.  “We have the talent, and as long as we continue to improve, we can accomplish this goal.”

The team has a strong group of seniors and coaches this year that are providing the support and motivation to keep the success going.  The seniors have also been great leaders and have helped the underclassmen be the best they possibly can.

“I believe all our hard work has helped with reaching our goals individually and as a team,” said Wetzel.  “I mostly enjoy the team, everyone is very supportive of one another and makes the long practices go much faster!”

“Watching them improve is what I like most about coaching because this group is loaded with talent and continue to become better every meet,” said Arrigonie.

The endless amount of time and dedication put forth will pay off as the swimmers and divers accomplish many goals this season.