Mrs. Lint and CMU Brings Coding to GLSHS

Sofia Serge , Staff Writer

Are you interested in coding or maybe even learning how to code? Well, if so, you may be interested in taking Mrs. Lint’s Introduction to Computer Programming CMU CS1 Academy Python class.

The computer science curriculum includes Mrs. Lint’s Introduction to Programming class, which is a CMU developed course in Python. CMU stands for Carnegie Mellon University, and Python is a type of coding that they “teach” per se. “CMU has produced a computer science academy, so it’s curriculum being built by CMU to be able to incorporate a four-year computer science program in a high school environment,” Mrs. Lint said.

This has not been around for too long, as they just started it last year in spring with a pilot. Greater Latrobe was apart of one of 14 schools that were invited to be a part of the first pilot, so it’s only been around for about a year. “I’ve been doing professional development with CMU for my computer science classes for about 11 years now, and they reached out to teachers in various high schools around the area to see if they would be interested in piloting this new course. So, I said yes, and that’s how I got associated with it.” Mrs. Lint stated.

This course is called CMU CS1 Academy, so the academy is being developed so that they can allow a four-year program to high schools free of charge with four different levels of computer science classes. “We’re helping them develop the very first course that we’re putting into this four-year program.” Mrs. Lint shared.

You may also be wondering how this class can help you in your future, and not just as something to take for fun. It can obviously help you if you are interested in a coding related career in the future, but “it can also help you with other things in the long run. “It’s very advantageous for problem-solving skills. It’ll increase anybody’s ability to think logically through coding, and this course itself is built around graphics so it’s very visually based and it’s very interesting to work through the exercises because it is visual.” Mrs. Lint said.  

And the best part? You don’t even need any prior knowledge to take this class. You just have to have passed Algebra 1. “They don’t need any prior knowledge of coding at all or computer science. All they have to do is have the interest to learn,” claimed Mrs. Lint.

And what she has to say to anyone who is considering taking this class… “You should take it. Everybody should take this class because everybody is going to be dealing with computer science in coding at some level at some point in their life. It’s inevitable.” So if you are interested in coding, think you could be interested in coding, or even just need another class to take next year, Mrs. Lint’s Introduction to Computer Programming CMU CS1 Academy Python class may be just the option for you.