Attitude of Gratitude

McKenzie Bonar, Staff Writer

November, the month of stuffing your face with turkey, the hectic Black Friday shopping, but most importantly, the time for being grateful. When most people think of November, a picture of falling leaves and families gathered around a table comes to mind. The act of giving thanks is often overlooked as people become distracted by the thought of turkey, stuffing, and all the other delicious components of a Thanksgiving feast. I, however, would like to call attention to the many things that we as the human race have to be grateful for.

One thing that I am personally grateful for are my friends, from the ones I’ve known since daycare, and the ones I met just this year. Be grateful for your friends, because, they are the people that you will grow with, and the people that experience things by your side. Maybe a friend helped you through something you thought would never get better, like troubling times involving family or school.  Or maybe they just brightened your day with a simple coffee they bought you when you were having a bad morning. Either way, friendship is something that should never be taken for granted. Another thing that I am personally grateful for is my family. They have always been there to help support and guide me through the harrowing obstacles of life and for that I am extremely grateful. Who else would give me advice on how to get through high school, or choosing between two different dresses for homecoming. Don’t dismiss the lunch your mom makes you everyday for school, or the nights you spend hours catching up with your siblings.

While I have many things to be personally grateful for, I think there are also a great number of things that we, as people, can give thanks for. Although the world may sometime seem like a dark and dangerous place, there are still a lot of things that make it brighter. So, go out and make a difference in someone’s day. Ask someone how they are and really listen to the answer. Spend a day saying only nice things about people. And, be kind to yourself, today and every day.