Pi Day Festivites


Bianca Pate, Assistant Editor in Chief, Online Editor, Copy Editor

When most of us hear the word “pie,” dessert is probably the first thing that pops into our minds. On March 14, 2018, Mathletes hosted “Pi day,” commemorating the Greek letter Pi and Einstein, who’s birthday is the same as the first three digits of Pi… 3.14.

Mathletes is an organization hosted by mathematics teacher, Mrs. Cindy Pompelia. The idea to start Mathletes has been around at Greater Latrobe for the past 10 years. All math teachers have been onboard for creating this club, but the biggest problem was finding the time. Mathletes was created to give students who enjoy math the opportunity to explore it further and also as a way to show students that math can be fun. Students also prepare for outside competitions such as Math League and AMC and even possibly regional math competitions in the future.

Mathletes decided to use Pi day not only as a way to get students to see math in a “fun and exciting way,” but also as a fundraising opportunity. They hosted a “pie in the face coin challenge” where the math teacher that collected the most amount of money would get pied in the face. All proceeds from this challenge are going towards a US public school classroom in need of math supplies.

During Pi day, there were lots of activities for students to do such as finding your birthday in Pi, creating a mural with the numbers of Pi, and even an origami station. These stations were created with the purpose of teaching students about Pi in a way that is enjoyable to all.

Whether students were celebrating Pi day or Einstein’s birthday one thing remains the same: math is beautiful!