S.A.D.D. Club Creates Billboard


This billboard was created by Alexandria Potter off of the drawing done by Suzan Tu.

Alexandria Potter, Features and In Depth Editor

The S.A.D.D.(Students Against Destructive Decisions) club has entered a contest held by Southwest Traffic Safety to design a billboard. The contest requirements are that the billboard must be focused to create awareness around distracted driving in hopes . Senior Susan Tu designed a drawing of a car breaking through a wall with persuasive information creatively displayed of the bricks. The club voted on this design which was one of many that club members created. “I thought Susan’s design was a great way to bring awareness to a serious matter that needs to be dealt with, Susan is very creative., “ said former vice president of the club, Nicole Plack.

Susan’s drawing was then turned into a photoshop file.

The submission not only has a chance to be shown on a local billboard, but it also has the chance to win each student involved a $100 prize!

“I hope we win because I think our design is really, really, well done,” says Nicole.

On February 16, the S.A.D.D. Club will be notified if they have won or not! Good luck to everyone involved!