Global Scholars Program

Students at Latrobe now have the chance to further their knowledge about the world. The Global Scholars Program is open to any student who has taken 4 years of world languages with a B or higher, active participation in related extracurriculars, at least 20 related service hours, and at least four media reviews. To any student it may sound like a lot, but over the course of your four years of highschool, it’s more than attainable.

For a senior, however, it’s not quite that easy. With less than a year left to complete the proper requirements, seniors like Hannah Nemanic and Marina Lorenzi are just ambitious enough to try! “It shouldn’t be too hard, the hardest part is day is just getting 20 community service hours I think,” said Lorenzi.Marina has always been an ambitious student, even when it came to scheduling classes. “I haven’t had a study hall since 10th grade, but I really enjoy doing it, and it’s not too bad,I mean it comes pretty naturally to me. The higher up in the level you get, the harder it is.”

Marina likes to learn new things in the worlds of Spanish, French, and German, but overall her favorite part is something they all have in common. “I like grammar and I like learning how to conjugate verbs. I like syntax, like word order.”

Mrs. Zalewski, a French teacher at GLSH, couldn’t be more encouraging in the lives of these ambitious students.“Being globally aware is a huge thing right now because the world is getting smaller,” said Zalewski.

The world is full of opportunity, and in order to take those opportunities, it helps to have global knowledge. “College is going to be a lot easier because you’re going to be able to adapt and to get along with others from other cultures and you’re going to be more ready to accept change. And you’re going to be ready for things you’re going to be competing with people from all over the world, not just America.”