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Behind the Canvas

Behind the Canvas

Rece Ramsey, Staff Writer

February 5, 2020

As you walk through the halls of the senior high school of Greater Latrobe, administration and the community support for the arts is strong. Paintings from all over Western Pennsylvania, along with numero...

Latrobe’s Inked Students

December 19, 2019

Walking through the halls in the Senior High, you might see some students with symbolic and artistic works inked onto their skin. Whether it is from inspiration from classical art, to the significant allusions to family, these students have found ways in order to express themselves through getting “inked”. With the insight from a couple wildcats, I was able to better understand the thought processes through getting tatto...

Front Row:  Ruby Miller, Sofia Herr, Elaina Schrack, McKenna Redish
Middle Row: Allison Lecas, Sydney Quinn, Sophia Stynchula, Shelby Robertson, Matt Cox, Isabella Bearer
Back Row:  Joshua Martino, Angela Nolan, Jessica Ziance
Missing from photo:  MacKenzie Crispin

PRESS RELEASE: Prep Class Pop Up Art Exhibit

December 11, 2019

Greater Latrobe Senior High art teacher Lindsey Page’s Portfolio Prep class recently held a Pop Up Interactive art exhibit in the Center for Student Creativity.  The artwork was highly conceptu...

On September 21, 2017, Student Council members visited the Latrobe Art Center for their annual art selection.

Art Selection 2017-2018

September 25, 2017

Students from Mrs.Mack's Portfolio Prep class period 1, pose with Fred. Participants include Luke Alexander, Kassidy Slezak, Rachel Garbeglio, (back row) Maddy Hantz, Liz Callahan, Amy Soich, Sarah DeLancey, Arianne Camarote and Lily Currie.

Portfolio Prep Honors Mr.Rogers

December 13, 2016

At the senior high a new piece of art was added to the famous art collection but it wasn’t purchased or voted upon by the school. This art was student made. Before the project began Mrs.Mack, an art...

Teresa Gaudino, Barbara Nakles (GLSD Art Conservation Trust Chair), Chick Cicconi, Eleanor Cicconi, Boo McHenry, Shirley Robb (Left to Right), Pictured here standing next to the painting Light Snow by Roy Hilton. They are members of the class 1948 and  came to tour the school and see the paintings they had purchased. There was actually five paintings purchased in this year.

A Flash Back in Time

December 13, 2016

2015 Art Gala: That All May See

2015 Art Gala: That All May See

February 2, 2016

Greater Latrobe already has a phenomenal display of art work all throughout the senior high school, but the annual Art Gala is really something.

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