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Arianne Camarote, Staff Writer

Arianne Camarote is currently a senior at Greater Latrobe Senior High. After school you can find her outside running with or managing the cross country team. In her spare time you can find her playing PS4 or skateboarding. She’s always with her friends and always making everyone laugh. She’s quiet when you first meet her, but once you get to know her she is pretty awesome and very outgoing. Hockey is her favorite sport and it’s also her passion.. She loves drawing and painting because it’s been a huge part of her life. Her friends would tell you she’s an amazing friend who’s always there when they need her but also gives great advice. She’s been in love with animals her whole life and currently has three dogs. She’s an advocate for animal abuse and believes in sticking up for the animals that can’t, and with great hope maybe someday there won’t be any animals who are harmed in any way. She believes in hard work and dedication will get you far in life, but you have to have fun because life is too short to always stress over things. She joined the multimedia journalism team because of her career interests. She hopes to be to be a K9 police officer and be able to help others. She is focusing on writing and design. Her hopes for the class are that she gets a new look into the media and can also better her skills she already has.

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Arianne Camarote