Shelby Robertson, an aspiring artist with roots at GLSD


Playing a vast impact on how people view and correspond with others and the world around us is just one objective artists can achieve. Art is a form of expression that several people take advantage of, acquiring a skill that some individuals are extremely passionate in pursuing. Shelby Robertson is one of the many aspiring artists at GLSD who constantly applies herself to not only pursue her passion and love for art, but to continue the values the district holds on this field. 

Shelby Robertson has always been into drawing, initiating this passion as early as she could hold a pencil. She explained the beginning, in which she said, “My parents have always been supportive, allowing me to explore different camps and museums growing up.”

Through the vast amount of experience, Shelby began to find a specific interest in contemporary art. Contemporary art embraces the values of complex issues that shape our diverse and rapidly-changing world, as well as representing artwork produced during the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

Shelby additionally mentioned, “I love visiting the Mattress Factory in Pittsburgh, which includes exhibits that represent contemporary art and installation art.” 

Over quarantine, Shelby experimented with several types of art and artists where she discovered Man Ray, an American visual artist who was best known for his photography.

Shelby said, “I’m fascinated by Man Ray’s work, because he takes everyday objects and alters them to defeat their purpose. One piece in particular is using a clothes iron and placing spikes on the bottom.”  Shelby is passionate in Man Ray’s art, because he demonstrates a sense of creativity she hopes to carry with her into her career. 

Being an active member in several art events, Shelby has gained unique knowledge to continue her passion for art. Shelby earned membership of the National Art Honor Society for four years and was invited to participate in events such as the art gala and club fair.

Shelby said, “I plan on continuing being an active art student as this year’s NAHS vice president.”

Beyond Shelby’s high school career, she plans to continue her love for art by pursuing a fou- year college then transferring to an art school once she explores a precise art field of expertise. Shelby emphasized, “I’m looking into art therapy and design for sustainability programs. “

 Shelby has used her high school career to take advantage of the courses and opportunities the district provides to students who have a skill and passion for the art s. By doing this, Shelby has not only been a role model for beginning artists, but has also found a love for what she could see herself doing beyond her high school career. Shelby plans to use her creativity and unique art style to inspire others, as well as use her artwork to help people explore their emotions.