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Erica Knupp, Editor-in-chief

Erica Knupp devotes many dedicated hours into each piece of writing that she creates for the Latrobe High Post. She makes sure to leave the piece of work with more meaning than just words on a white sheet of paper.  For her senior year she has the privilege of being editor-in- chief and wants to fulfil the hard work that comes along with it. She never took failing well, so she does anything possible to meet each goal that she sets for herself. She enjoys the challenge that her teachers give her and smiles from ear to ear when she can say she did it. She will always say she feels as if she's loaded with homework but doesn't sweat it too much until the night before it's due.

She tries to stay on top of her work but, with it being her senior year, she tries to spend as much time with her friends and family creating memories before she starts the next chapter in her life at college. Battling back and forth, she is deciding if she wants to continue her education at Cal U or Westminster. Her heart goes out to being a pre k- forth grade education teacher with the love she shares for little ones.  She loves the thought of making an impact on others’ lives as they beginning to grow up and explore themselves.  As I looked back on my years of growing up, I wouldn't of be able to achieve and learn as much as an individual without the help of my parents and teachers who influenced me to become a teacher.

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Basketball V.S Den

March 30, 2016
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Erica Knupp