Club Fairs Offer Unique Experiences

Erica Knupp, Editors-in-Chief

Students have a great opportunity to take advantage of all the clubs offered at Greater Latrobe by getting a brief understanding of what each club is about. During each lunch students have the privilege to go out to the commons area. Each club will have 2 chairs for representatives that will inform you on the opportunities that you could have throughout the year. Being a part of clubs during your school year helps you gain skills you can use in your daily life and gives you the chance to build relationships with others that have common interests.

The Recycling Club– Gives you the opportunity to come together and make the environment a better place for all of us. Advisor- Mr. Richter

Book Club-Gives students a way to express their love and interests together, by discussing  and recommending books to read. Advisor- Miss Riebel

Key Club- Gives the chance for students to help children all around the world. By performing acts of services in their communities, such as cleaning up parks, collecting clothes, and organizing food drives. Advisor- Mr. Snyder

Interact Club- By joining students gain the leadership qualities that they will be able to use throughout their life. Students will also gain the honor of being able to help not only their surroundings community but the international community. Advisor- Mr. Snyder

Ski Club- Being apart of ski club gives you the chance to go up to 7 springs with several friends that share the same love for skiing as you do. Advisor- Mr. Mccombie

Remembering ADAM inc.– While participating in Pledge Together, students participants will demonstrate a more positive attitude towards a drug free live. Students will volunteer to be drug tested randomly to show and represent to always make the right choices.

National Art Honor Society- Takes the time to recognize the students that have put in the time to make their art outstanding. Also advances students creativity and talent.

SADD club– Helps students make the right decisions when it come to alcohol, drugs, peer pressure and behavior. The way young students are today with being put in difficult situations it is a great opportunity to have them ready to make the right decisions. Advisor- Mrs. Houck

Usher Club- provides services for the community by attending events at the high school for the performing art events, GLSH graduation ceremony, Nation Honor Society Induction. Members help with seating, program distribution and also serving. Advisors- Mrs. Butler   


Take advantage of the opportunities that Greater Latrobe provides for you by participating in as many clubs as you can.  While you’re making a difference in the school, community or someone’s life you are making memories along the way that are unforgettable.