Basketball V.S Den

Craig Stevens, the voice, the leader, the legend of the GL Den

Erica Knupp, Reporter


Throughout the years, it wasn’t a surprise to see Craig Stevens on the court during the basketball season with his jersey on. As the basketball season started, Stevens was on the court working hard to get a spot on the team with his friends as they did each year. Each of them grew up finding the love for the sport together becoming friends off and on the court.

This year things seemed to be a little different for him. Stevens had to decide if playing on the team was what was right for him and his upcoming years. The thought of stepping away from basketball was running through his mind but most importantly the brotherhood between the seniors and himself. They all grew up playing together since junior pro and the thought of not being on the court playing the game he loved without them wouldn’t feel right.

With college coming up and having to look on what was going to be best for his future Stevens made the decision to not play basketball anymore. With the phone calls and letter that he received from college coaches wanting him to visit schools, he would have to miss practices that would be valuable to the other teammates and the game.

Stevens parents discussed that with the team goals and aspiration he would be taking away from the time he would want to be putting into playing basketball, improving drills and plays. “It simply wouldn’t be fair to the team” said Stevens.

Ever since Stevens made his decision of not wearing the jersey anymore it didn’t  stopped him from continuing to go to the games. He is the loudest supporter in the den and makes sure to get  student section pumped to cheer on the victories the season had.

“I Believe That We Will Win” chants Stevens. Stevens makes sure to not only be the loudest one in the student section but also to stand out the most, regardless if it’s bring a deer to camo night, or even wearing a girl’s wig and having everyone call him Craigtina. Stevens is always there supporting his brothers.

He enjoys watching how successful the team has come along. He still feels a part of the team as cheering on the side for his brothers.

When Stevens isn’t cheering on his teammates, he is figuring out where he wants to proceed with playing football. Stevens received a scholarship to a division 2 school in Kansas called Benedictine and is very close with the University of Jamestown in North Dakota.

Overall Stevens had his moments where he wishes he could have been a part of another section title team and make a run in the playoff and go farther than any other Latrobe team has gone before, but he did not only do what was best for him but also what was best for the team.

“I learned that sometimes you have to walk away from something you’ve loved to open the door to yourself and new opportunities,” said Stevens.