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Anatomy students dissect cats to gain experience

Karley Owens, Reporter

April 22, 2016

One of the most well-known labs of Greater Latrobe sciences is the cat dissections that take place in Anatomy and Physiology. Some students find it odd and inhumane to have to cut open a cat, but others find it a once-in-a lifetime opportunity that will prepare them for what is to come in their future medical studies. Marque Piper is a student who sees the advantage. “Dissecting the cats is a great opportunity to get a hands-on...

Acceptance and Scholarships go Hand and Hand

Karley Owens, Reporter

March 30, 2016

Finding and being accepted to the college that is perfect for you can be a triumphant and memorable moment in life, but finding the school that is right for you is only half the battle. Senior Sarah Weise sought out universities that were in the top 100 in the country based on the Princeton Review and the United States News and World Report. She looked at liberal arts schools like Kenyon, and other major universities like...

Cencich shares his experience

Karley Owens, Reporter

February 19, 2016

Dr. John Cencich shares his experiences with students at a seminar in the CSC on February 4.

The Puzzle Piece Project comes to Latrobe

Karley Owens, Reporter

February 10, 2016

“It’s all about your personal expression and creativity,” said co-creator of the Puzzle Installation and Collaborative Project and Brooklyn, New York native Tim Kelly. The project is formally known as “The Puzzle Piece Project” which is a growing art exhibit that features individual’s artwork, creative expression, stories, collages, or anything that represents an individual on a foam board in the shape of a puzzle...

In Plain Clothes: Mr Brant

Karley Owens, Reporter

February 2, 2016

Outside of teaching, Astronomy teacher Mr. Brandt enjoys the outdoors, hiking, improving his home by making home improvements, and most importantly, the art of photography. Brandt’s love for photography has been incorporated into his career as a teacher. Inside his classroom, Brandt has a photo wall in his room filled with his own pictures, which he often replaces. Outside his room Brandt has filled the upper S-hallway...

How To Beat Senioritis

Karley Owens, Writer

December 10, 2015

With senior year a fourth of the way complete, it is easy to throw away every study habit and ounce of effort that you have spent 12 years working for. Basically, seniors see that the end is near and they simply stop caring. Students forget that senior year is actually the beginning. When students start caring about their future, they must come across the cure for senioritis. Staying involved in the school, remembering that...

Eating Healthy Is Key During The Holidays

Karley Owens, Writer

December 10, 2015

We understand. With the holidays nearing, supermarkets have nothing but chocolate- covered. sugar-coated, and calorie-infested treats. It is almost impossible not to splurge and give into the Christmas cookie temptation. No judgement here.The treats may taste great at the time being, but those treats can turn to cavities, extra weight, and an unhealthy feeling come January Exercise, self control, and a balanced diet is the...

Latrobe Students Participate in the Young Engineers Program

Karley Owens, Reporter

November 25, 2015

Greater Latrobe High School in conjunction with Kennametal corporation, has created the thriving Young Engineers program. “Students get the opportunity to see first-hand what an engineer does while also learning various engineering concepts,” said supervisor Mrs. Pompelia. Through attending lectures by Kennametal employees and participating in numerous projects and field trips, students learn how to shine bright in...

You Can’t Take It With You cast

October 23, 2015

  Jacob Lubic, 11 Ed Carmichael is played by junior Jacob Lubic. He has been acting since the third grade, and has recently been in the Greater Latrobe Production of Godspell. Ed Carmichael leads to a plot twist and a possible arrest at the end of the play.   Joel Basenback, 11 Tony Kirby is played by junior Joel Basenback. He has been doing musicals since the 6th grade. Tony Kirby is the a...

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