You Can’t Take It With You cast


Jacob Lubic, 11

Ed Carmichael is played by junior Jacob Lubic. He has been acting since the third grade, and has recently been in the Greater Latrobe Production of Godspell. Ed Carmichael leads to a plot twist and a possible arrest at the end of the play.


Joel Basenback, 11

Tony Kirby is played by junior Joel Basenback. He has been doing musicals since the 6th grade. Tony Kirby is the attractive young son of the Kirby family. His character helps play into the main conflict of  the play, while adding romance and humor with character Alice Sycamore.

Anna Orange,11

With five years of acting experience under her belt, Junior Anna Orange has earned herself the role of student director. Being student director has taught her many new things that she will take with her and apply when doing other musicals and plays in the future. Director Miss Richards has guided Anna and the cast members to express their lines and to use unique techniques.

RJ Evancho, 11

With three years of acting experience, Junior RJ Evancho plays the role of a government agent. He causes the turning point in the plot right at the most important part of the play. He makes a “ bad dinner even worse” – so to speak.

Caleb Czuszak, 12

Making his debut on stage in the play is senior Caleb Cuzuszak, With a background in voicework, he landed  the role of Wilbur C. Henderson, a hot- tempered IRS agent that comes after the main characters for not paying  income taxes. “ Wilbur likes to scream a lot, so I get to use a deeper and angrier voice than usual,” said Cuzuszak.

Ryssa Ezykowsky,10

The Grand Duchess Olga Katrina is played by sophomore Ryssa Ezykowsky. With six years of acting experience, she uses her talent to play distraction to keep Alice Sycamore from leaving. She tries to keep the families mind off the fact that Alice is leaving.


Hannah Prichard, 12

Mrs. Kirby is played by senior Hannah Prichard. She began her career doing minor plays and church pageants when she was in elementary school. Playing the mother of Tony, she adds emotion and spirit to the plot.

Sarah Hennessy, 12

Penny Sycamore is played by senior Sarah Hennessy. She  has been acting in musicals and plays since the seventh grade. She is the mother of Alice and Essie and wife of Paul. Penny is a very eclectic character that adds twists and turns that keep the audience on their toes. She is a very loving mother to daughter Alice.


Michael Doelling, 12

 Boris Kolenkhov is played by senior Michael Doelling. He is a Russian ballet instructor that  serves as one of the many sources of comic relief in the play. He has previously been involved in the musical casts of Little Shop of Horrors and Godspell.

Jarod Baughman- Stubbs, 11

Mr. Kirby is played by junior Jarod Baughman- Stubbs. He has been acting for three years.  Father of Tony and husband of Mrs. Kirby, he is overbearing and his views and ideologies present an obstacle for Tony and Alice’s love.

Michelle Kondrich, 12

With over 11 years of acting experience, co-student director  Michelle Kondrich helps director Miss Richards create the vision of the play, she takes notes about scenes, and she fills in when a cast member misses.

Michael Clevenger, 12

Senior Michael Clevenger has been interested in acting since elementary school but began his career sophomore year. Clevenger, as well as  Evancho, Czuszak , and Jacob Klunk play the role of government agents. Their goal in the play is to try to catch a communist terrorist.

Rachel Saula, 11

Alice Sycamore is played by junior Rachel Saula. She brings four years of experience to her role. She falls in love with Tony Kirby,which causes quite a few problems because of the different lifestyles of the families.

You can see the cast of You Can’t Take It With You  in action Friday, October 23 and Saturday ,October 24 at 7pm at the Greater Latrobe High School auditorium.