How To Beat Senioritis

Karley Owens, Writer

With senior year a fourth of the way complete, it is easy to throw away every study habit and ounce of effort that you have spent 12 years working for. Basically, seniors see that the end is near and they simply stop caring. Students forget that senior year is actually the beginning. When students start caring about their future, they must come across the cure for senioritis. Staying involved in the school, remembering that life doesn’t get any easier, and keeping good habits throughout the year is the key to the cure.
Stay Involved
Staying active in a school sport, club, or activity not only keeps students involved in the school, but it takes up time. Why waste time at home sick with senioritis when you can be spending your remaining months giving back to the school that gave you so much. Staying involved in an activity can also allow time with friends and peers. Only so much time is left with one another, why not spend it together. Doing an activity will help to use time wisely and it will make you feel apart of the school; a necessary step in curing senioritis.

Continue your helpful habits
Even though high school grades are slowly starting not to matter as much as they once did, it’s a good habit to still keep them up. Your college isn’t going to say “Well they got good grades in high school, get the degree ready.” They will expect you to work just as hard, if not harder, than you did in high school. So you might as well never stop trying. Continue to do homework and study, it will only benefit your college future.

Prove to yourself you can do it
Seniors are beginning to make the transition into adulthood and college. Giving up before high school graduation is not an “adult” resolution. Powering through and finishing your high school career strong will make you a powerful individual and it will show your adult gumption. You will prove to yourself that you can handle college or whatever life has in store for you when you finish strong. Proving that you can finish something just as well as you started will prepare you for life, and it is key for keeping your motivation during this senioritis season.

Some days will be harder than others, but staying motivated and keeping your expectations high is the remedy for senioritis.