Eating Healthy Is Key During The Holidays

Karley Owens, Writer

We understand. With the holidays nearing, supermarkets have nothing but chocolate- covered. sugar-coated, and calorie-infested treats. It is almost impossible not to splurge and give into the Christmas cookie temptation. No judgement here.The treats may taste great at the time being, but those treats can turn to cavities, extra weight, and an unhealthy feeling come January Exercise, self control, and a balanced diet is the key to a healthy and happy holiday.
Knowing that some extra calories are going to sneak into your diet during the holiday, you may have to do some extra work to stay healthy. Let’s face it, teenage high metabolism isn’t going to last forever. The extra calories will go somewhere. I’m not saying you have to exercise like Shaun T from Insanity, but a few situps, pullups, and pushups never killed anybody. Finding the time to exercise a little during the holidays will keep your health in check and it will keep the extra pounds away.

Self Control
Seeing all of the holiday treats on the shelves and baking for upcoming parties can tempt anybody into overeating and splurging. Instead of eating every baked good like you will never see it again, remember that moderation is key. Instead of eating six Christmas cookies in the day, try for three. Having some self-control and eating less sugar will make you feel better during, and after, the holiday season.

Keeping a Balanced Diet
Even though it is hard to get enough of them this time of year, the five food groups still exist and are needed to stay healthy. Buddy the Elf may be able to live off of maple syrup pasta and candy, but most teenagers can’t. Sorry about your luck. Remembering to eat fruits and vegetables will keep vitamins and minerals in your diet. They are also low in calories, so if you really want a holiday treat, it won’t disrupt your whole diet.

Keeping these tips in mind will ensure a happy and healthy you even after the holidays come to an end. Maintaining a balanced diet, self control, and exercise will surely keep you well and healthy.