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Law Students sit in mock trial court to have their cases heard.

Young lawyers experience mock court

April 29, 2017

The students in Law class show up in fancy suits and dress clothes to go head to head in the courtroom. Kara Olecki-Leeper, the teacher of law puts a lot of preparation into the class as a whole and mock...

The captains stand on the deck as the passengers board the ship below.

Titanic the Musical

March 31, 2017

            Sitting in the auditorium you are comfortable in your cushioned chair, while it’s buzzing with everyone chatting, you are anxiously waiting for...

Cassidy Sullivan's art is on display at the Latrobe Art Center.

National Art Honor Society’s Special Opportunity At the Latrobe Art Center

March 30, 2017

The art department at Greater Latrobe High School is a place for creativity and self expression, which can lead to amazing opportunities students can experience nowhere else. Many people in the area w...

Annika Milko and her sister Michaela Milko pose for a picture in their National Guard Uniforms.

National Guard

March 21, 2017

Every single day there are men and women that risk their lives to keep this country safe and allow us to continue to have the freedoms that we have. The National Guard is part of the reserve components...

Students created bowls to send to the Westmoreland County Food Bank

Greater Latrobe Benefiting The Community

March 21, 2017

Each year Greater Latrobe Senior High school participates in several donation activities, raising money for those in need around the area. Amy Balko’s ceramics classes take a unique part in donations....

Students from Mrs.Mack's Portfolio Prep class period 1, pose with Fred. Participants include Luke Alexander, Kassidy Slezak, Rachel Garbeglio, (back row) Maddy Hantz, Liz Callahan, Amy Soich, Sarah DeLancey, Arianne Camarote and Lily Currie.

Portfolio Prep Honors Mr.Rogers

December 13, 2016

At the senior high a new piece of art was added to the famous art collection but it wasn’t purchased or voted upon by the school. This art was student made. Before the project began Mrs.Mack, an art...

Teresa Gaudino, Barbara Nakles (GLSD Art Conservation Trust Chair), Chick Cicconi, Eleanor Cicconi, Boo McHenry, Shirley Robb (Left to Right), Pictured here standing next to the painting Light Snow by Roy Hilton. They are members of the class 1948 and  came to tour the school and see the paintings they had purchased. There was actually five paintings purchased in this year.

A Flash Back in Time

December 13, 2016

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