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XC Team Captures WCCA Title

XC Team Captures WCCA Title

Abby Sobtota

October 24, 2016

Coach Simpson boldly stated before the Westmoreland County Coaches Association meet that he not only thought the kids were going to run fast, but the girls were going to win the entire race. His bold statement...

Gabi Lesko: Becoming an amazing gymnast

Abby Sobota, Editor

March 30, 2016

Gabi Lesko first got started with gymnastics when she attended a Mommy and me class when she was just three years old. She halted her career until she was six and hasn't looked back since. “I started gymnastics again because I was always bored doing flips around the house,” said Lesko. As Gabi grew older she knew that Willow Tree was a good gym, but not one that would allow her to continue her career into college. Leskos...

NFL Postseason

NFL Postseason

February 2, 2016

Carolina Panthers The panthers have been hot the whole season, finishing with a record of 15-1. They seemed to breeze through the season only having a few close matchups followed with a lonesome loss....

Fellow Christian Athletes

January 13, 2016

JJ Watt is a prime example of an athlete who exemplifies faith.  Greater Latrobe embraces so through the club Fellow Christian Athletes, also known as the FCA ,that started just three years ago at Latrobe with the help of Jake Artuso. When Marty Martinosky, leader of FCA, brought to the school board the idea they fully supported him. Marty Martinoksy said, “ I am apart of Fca because it’s my passion, I don’t want kids...

Girls XC Team Excels Through Season

October 23, 2015

The girls cross country team got a running start into the 2015 season, posting a 7-1 recorded, only losing to Franklin Regional During practices runner's warm up with a mile run,  their actual workout is about six to ten miles, depending on their ability. Some days speed training is done on the hills. Their hard work at practice seems to be paying off. Coach Simpson said, "I have been pleased with the team's work an...

Maddie and Tae

October 23, 2015

Maddie and Tae are more than just two girls in a country song. Start Here, their first album was released August 28, 2015. The girls harmonised their way through each song, but they also took part in writing their songs. Their first number one hit single “Girl in a Country Song” is quite possibly their best song yet. They sing about how country girls are stereotyped in male country songs and how girls don't get respect ...

What’re Those

October 23, 2015

Kara Bethke sports her favorite pair of Chocos or “Socko” sandals. Bethke started the trend at Outdoor Odyssey this summer.


October 23, 2015

Austin Butler participated in Train To Game basketball, a first year AAU team out of Pittsburgh. The team only played in national tournaments, which included Myrtle Beach, Las Vegas, and Louisville, they placed 8th in Louisville.   Zach Kokoska was a part of the US Elite travel baseball team. The team traveled to national tournaments at NC State, UVA, WWBA, VaTech, various showcases and the PG World Series, coming...

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