Maddie and Tae

Maddie and Tae are more than just two girls in a country song. Start Here, their first album was released August 28, 2015. The girls harmonised their way through each song, but they also took part in writing their songs.

Their first number one hit single “Girl in a Country Song” is quite possibly their best song yet. They sing about how country girls are stereotyped in male country songs and how girls don’t get respect anymore. “George Strait and Conway never did that way” explains how older country singers didn’t stereotype country girls. There is not one flaw in their first hit single “Girl in a Country Song.”

“Fly”, soon to be their second hit single, might be better than “Girl in a Country Song.” “Fly” is a song about a girl who is broken because someone left her. She is trying to find the courage and the guts to get back on her feet again or “Fly” once again. Everything is perfect about their song “Fly.”

“Downside of Growing up” is obviously about the downside of growing up. They sing of how leaving your parents stinks and how you have to start to do everything on your own. Maddie and Tae sing how you just have to find the right road and growing up won’t be so hard. The melody and beat to the song fits the lyrics perfectly, overall the song is great.  

“No Place Like You,” is sung about how there is no place they would rather be but with their special someone. They would rather be with their someone than any fancy expensive place. Even when they are close to that person they feel far away from them, they just want them. This song could be dedicated to a person you love, overall it is solid.

The song “Sierra” is about a girl who bullied Maddie in high school. She sings of how she is beautiful and wealthy so she thinks she can pick on Maddie. Maddie wishes karma on her and for her to one day have to feel like she made her feel like. Although the lyrics are perfect, the rhythm is too upbeat for a song about a bully.

Overall I would rate the album Start Here a 4 out of 5. Every song on the album is well written and sung perfectly harmonised. Mostly all the beats, rhythms, melodies match their song lyrics. The only song that doesn’t fit the standard is “Sierra,” otherwise anything else is superb. If you are a country lover I highly suggest picking up the album.