Gabi Lesko: Becoming an amazing gymnast

Abby Sobota, Editor

Gabi Lesko first got started with gymnastics when she attended a Mommy and me class when she was just three years old. She halted her career until she was six and hasn’t looked back since.
“I started gymnastics again because I was always bored doing flips around the house,” said Lesko.
As Gabi grew older she knew that Willow Tree was a good gym, but not one that would allow her to continue her career into college. Leskos mom traveled all over western pennsylvania to find a gym that best fit her because she realized how bad Gabi wanted to be successful; and it proved to be a good choice.
Lesko has tournaments almost every weekend after spending her whole week practicing for at least two hours a night. Every tournament she has placed in the top five places in all four events she participates in, vault, bar, beams and floor.
Gabi faced a concussion earlier this year but that hasn’t stopped her from doing what she loves. Even though concussion symptoms still linger and she could eventually need surgery to fix her injury, she doesn’t want to sit and watch her team win without her, so she still performs.
A concussion isn’t the only thing Lesko faces during competitions, she also faces fear. She claims that the scariest event to partake in is the beams, which was in fact the event that caused her concussion. But Gabi said,” Fear is just an illusion” and that is why she continues to do what she does best even after injury.
Gymnastics is endurance and technique, but it’s also a mental game. “I’m a lot better than I think I am, I’m my own worst enemy,” said Lesko. She is fueled by the power inside her and never lets fear take over.
As for now Gabi is certain she will continue to excel in the sports she loves. Her future is unsure but she knows she wants to further her career into college. Her dad wants her to go to the Naval Academy, but she wants to go to Bridgeport or Penn State.Lesko has the caliber to go wherever her dreams take her. Who knows, maybe we’ll see Lesko competing beside Gabby Douglas in the Olympics one day