Brianca Pal and John Mylant- National Leadership Academy


Kasey Lettrich, Editor in Chief

The Executive Director of the Science and Technology congress, Mr. Richard Rossi, discussed how when a special group of people come together you can “defy gravity”.  Two of Greater Latrobe’s most distinguished students, John Mylant and Brianca Pal were able to defy gravity through the National Leadership Academy congress.

They attended a three day congress in Lowell, Massachusetts, just outside of Boston.  Each attended the congress related to their specific field of science and technology.  John attended the Congress of  Future Science and Technology leaders, whereas Brianca attended the Congress of Future Medical Leaders.

Brianca was chosen by the school district to attend this congress because of her high GPA and interest in the fields to be discussed, the medical field specifically.

Each day a different speaker talked to the attendees, many of which were Nobel Prize winners and motivational speakers.  They talked about their journeys and discoveries in life and in their respective fields.  They also discussed their failures and successes to show students what they need to achieve their goals.  They also cautioned to the struggles that occur on your way to your goals.  

Some of the specific speakers included Sylvester James Gates, Jr. PhD, Jack Andraka, Sean Stephenson, DCH, and John C. Mather, PhD.

Brianca truly enjoyed her days, she said, “I think the best part was meeting new people.  The congress included students nationwide, and I had the privilege of meeting many from California, Michigan, and New York.  We still keep in touch today, and it’s very cool to have relationships like that.”

Brianca wishes to someday complete a 5-year Physician’s Assistant program and get a job with a specialty in pediatrics.  

John seemed to have a similarly motivational experience, he said, “It was a really powerful experience to be able to be in the presence of so many motivated students with similar goals and interests.”  John was able to hear from speakers discussing their accomplishments in their respective fields, and topics such as the movement of gravity, detection of cancers, and the relation of mathematical equations to nature.  He wishes to someday gain a degree in a science related engineering field.  The most important thing John learned during his days at the congress is “knowing what kind of energy and atmosphere can be created with a group of driven people.”