Staff Bio

Alex Hartley is a junior at Greater Latrobe, this is her first year in multimedia journalism. She loves photography and knowing what’s going on in the school. Besides school she spends her free time at the barn with her horse or at home watching her three dogs. Horseback riding takes up most of her time, so she isn’t able to join any school sports, but she was involved in cheer in 7th grade. Alex loves spending time with her friends on the weekend or just staying at home watching shows on Netflix, such as The Walking Dead. Alex loves to make people laugh, she’ll talk to anyone and just fill them in on her whole life. Alex can be very quiet sometimes but once you get to know her, she’s very upbeat and fun to be around. She is very different compared to the usual, blonde teenage girl with a purple streak in her hair that rides horses and isn’t afraid to voice her own opinion. Alex will take anyone’s advice as if it’s her role model giving her advice; she respects everyone and is always thinking positive with a big smile on her face.