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Tuning Inclusivity

Chamber Choirs Odyssey Through the Neighborhood.
Karlee Clark
Olivia Blackmore conducting the Chamber Choir in downtown Latrobe at the Holly Jolly festival.

  “Music is the social act of communication among people, a gesture of friendship, the strongest there is.”  – Malcolm Arnold a classical trumpet player from 1940-1990. 

The Greater Latrobe Chamber Choir is a dedicated and talented group of singers who share their love of music with the people around them in the school and around the Latrobe community.

“In chamber choir this year I am being challenged in a way I haven’t been before, and it’s my favorite thing,” said sophomore soprano Shaelin Wiley

Music is often called a universal language, unifying people and fostering connections in a neighborhood. The chamber choir, this holiday season, hopes to make an impact by sharing the holiday spirit through music and choral harmonies.

“It makes everybody happy when people are singing together,” said sophomore soprano Sierra Lyons.  

This December the Chamber Choir has three major performances with the sole purpose of spreading the sound and joy of music. 

“We’re out in the community making things happen. I think it is spreading joy in the school and around the community, if nothing else, the chamber choir is very happy,” said Wiley.

Under the brisk sky shadowed by light clouds on Saturday December 2, 2023 the 29 selected singers of the Greater Latrobe Chamber Choir brought to life the holiday season in downtown Latrobe at the annual Holly Jolly Festival sponsored by the Latrobe Art Center.

The group sang a collection of well known carols that resonated with bystanders.The familiar melodies echoing from the choir attracted a crowd to form around the ensemble.

“A lot of parents showed up, and even some random people in the community that none of the chamber choir knew showed up to support us. I think that meant a lot to a lot of people, I know it meant a lot to me,” said sophomore alto, Elise Ruggery. 

As the carols filled the streets of Latrobe, a feeling of warmth spread through the crowd igniting the holiday spirit.

“I think my favorite part was just having an audience for the first time,” said Ruggery 

“The crowd kept getting bigger and bigger,” added Lyons.

“We have a concert coming up so I think that we kind of put a lot [of people] in the mood for a show and in the christmas spirit,”  said Ruggery 

This performance being so early in December kick started the holiday season for the choir and the Latrobe community. 

“Getting into the holiday spirit at Holly Jolly really affected the community partly because it was so early in the month I feel like we kind of brought happiness to the day and can continue that on throughout the month,” said Wiley. 

As the echoes of the Holly Jolly Festival reminisce in the streets Chamber Choir shifts focus to more performances later in December. Traveling to Pittsburgh on Friday December 15, 2023 the ensemble will again spread the holiday cheer singing together in Market Square.

“I think the environment in market square since it’s later in the month we will be more in the Christmas spirit in the air,” said Wiley.

They will perform classic holiday carols like, Jingle Bells, We Wish You A Merry Christmas, Away In Manger, The Holy And The Ivy, and O’ Christmas Tree. Along with the classic melodies the choir is working to throw in more interesting harmonies to keep audiences interested. Market Square will be a whole new audience so the choir is hoping that the power of song and the strength of music can reach larger audiences can spread the holiday cheer to as many people as possible.

“I think that there will be more people there so we will be more invested in it in a way. We know our music and we are singing with a lot more commitment and emotion behind what we’re saying and that will draw more people,” said Elise Ruggery 

The Chamber Choir hopes to get their message to and spread the holiday spirit to the hearts of the Greater Latrobe student body. Before Christmas break on Tuesday December 19, 2023 the Chamber Choir will go caroling through the school to share their holiday spirit to students around classrooms.

“I think it will make a lot of students happy because I think a lot of them will enjoy a break from the stress of school,” said Ruggery “The chamber choir can make them smile, I think that will mean alot to them,” said Ruggery. 

“It will definitely spread interest in the choir,” said Lyons.  

Caroling in the hallways, the Chamber Choir is hoping to bring the excitement of the holidays to the students, and use their passion and talent in music to unify the student body with holiday cheer. 

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Karlee Clark
Karlee Clark, Staff Writer
Karlee Clark, a Sophomore and a brand new member of the High Post staff. She joined staff to further her love of writing and also looks forward to the opportunities that come with being a staff member. Her main hobbies include music, reading, writing, and leadership. She is a member of the Greater Latrobe chamber choir, wind ensemble, treble ensemble, pep band, and drama club where she participates in the spring musicals every year, she shares her love of music and performing with the people she loves through things like, shows, concerts, and caberts. She is also a defensive specialist for the Greater Latrobe JV Volleyball team, she adores the team aspect and the inside jokes and fun times she shares with her team. Her main passion in life is leadership, she displays this through participation in the lighthouse leadership team where she collaborates with peers to make a difference in her school community. She was a teacher nominated member of the Future Ready Leaders Team, she has also been a student council representative since elementary school. This year she had been granted the opportunity to hold an officer position in student council as head manager of the Greater Latrobe Student Store.  She also loves to learn new things, she loves to read both fictional novels and nonfiction articles as much as she can in her little free time. But also furthers her knowledge of the environment as an active member of the Envirothon team. As active and busy she is in her school she is no stranger to her community and jumps on any opportunity to volunteer and make herself useful as a leader in her neighborhood. One of her favorite clubs at Greater Latrobe High School is the forensics team. Commonly known as Speech and Debate Karlee loves every aspect of what the forensics team does. As a freshman she competed all year with a persuasive essay that she held close to her heart and that meant alot to her, in mid march she qualified for the State competition and had an amazing time, she made many friends and built strong relationships with many people. This year she is switching to competing in the poetry category and is hopeful to make it just as far if not further in the State competition with her selected poetry arrangement.

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