Jordann Lopata

Senior Jordann Lopata is a second year staffer and features editor. In the school she is secretary of the french club, a part of FNHS, and has been playing lacrosse since her sophomore year. She mostly plays attack and loves the sport. She hopes to attend a big school and thought she would go for nursing, but may have a change of heart. She may want to pursue journalism, at a school like Boston University. She babysits on occasion and works at the local Dairy Queen. She has been involved in helping with the Sunday school at her local church for six years. She loves going to concerts and has been going to them ever since she was little, seeing bands like the Jonas Brothers, and Liberty Deep Down, and many more. Liberty Deep Down is her favorite band. She also loves dogs, even though she doesn’t have one. She has been in the school musical since junior high, in shows like High School Musical, Godspell, and this coming spring musical, The Titanic. She loves everything and takes everything in with her whole heart, never is there ever a time where she doesn’t see the good in people. She is very involved with her community and her friends, and likes to think of herself as strong and compassionate. She is the proud godmother of a little boy in kindergarten and continues to teach him many things. She is always trying to make her grandmother proud, as she is looking over her from heaven.

Contact her at [email protected] 🙂