The Bachelor: A Review


Jordann Lopata, Reporter

The reality of the bachelor is for everyone to find love. Only not everyone is lucky enough to accomplish that, and they get sent home.

This season on The Bachelor, twenty-six-year-old Ben Higgins started his quest to find love. A charming guy from Warsaw, Indiana, may as well be one of the best bachelors this show has ever seen. The real question is how does Ben make everyone happy in this scenario? The answer, he needs to be honest and open.

The bachelor brings mixed feelings, the process would totally work if you handle it the right way. Ben has shown how important it is to be honest with someone about how you feel. Throughout the entire season, if he didn’t see a future with anyone, he would sit down with them and tell them that. For example there was a problem with one girl, Jubilee. He didn’t see their relationship going any further, so he sat down with her and had a nice conversation with her and told her how it had to end. No girl was surprised at the rose ceremony. They would see what’s coming.

However, he had to deal with the fact that girls are vicious and that they will go after what they want. No one will be able to stop them because if they want something you better believe they won’t let anyone or anything stand in their way. For example, Olivia was one of those girls who doesn’t care about anyone but herself, and her relationship with Ben. Although, for her going after what she wanted didn’t work out in the end because Ben saw through her crazy ways, and ended it. Also, boys can be clueless about what is going on and that comes back to them in crazy ways.

The only thing that would be hard is the fact that he literally has feelings for so many girls throughout the entire season, so I don’t know how he can deal with that. What comes into play is if the show is set up, and not really reality? Honestly I think that it could work, maybe it doesn’t work that often, but there has been some cases where couples just click.

The only mistake that has Ben has made is that he has told two women that he loves them. He announced it on live tv in public in front of millions of people. One of the biggest shockers that anyone could witness. How can you possibly be in love with two people? Honestly that has to be one of the hardest decisions that he had to make. What if picks the wrong girl? Then he’ll be left wondering if he made the right decision? That would not be fun to imagine, what if everything just goes up in flames and doesn’t work out? So many questions that probably run through his head. But he did make the decision to be on the show and he has to make the tough decisions.

It all came to an end, and he had to choose between Jo Jo Fletcher and Lauren Bushnell.  He had one huge decision to make, because after all he chose potentially who he is going to spend the rest of his life with. In the end it all comes down to who he really loves more, and that I’m sad to say was Lauren Bushnell.