Dunlop Gets Sneak Peek of “Bachelorette” Date

Alyssa Daniele, Photo Editor

The Bachelorette in….Greensburg…? Who knew? JoJo Fletcher is abc’s new bachelorette and has the opportunity to take the men on the show to exotic places where they can fall in love. So why would they come to Greensburg, Pennsylvania? No one’s really sure but many girls who watch the show sure are glad they did. On March 28, JoJo took one of her dates to a concert with country singers Dan & Shay at the Greensburg Palace Theater.
The only price for entry to the concert was having to sign a release form and take a picture with the signed form, otherwise anyone over the age of 18 was admitting to see the JoJo and her date. However, the whole event was kept on the down low to prevent too many screaming girls overcrowding the concert.
Nicole Dunlop, junior at latrobe, found out about the event from her sister who therein found out through facebook and reached out to the theater to see if they could get in. Dunlop, a big fan of the show, thought, “When is the bachelor or bachelorette ever going to come to Greensburg, Pennsylvania ever again?”
So she dropped everything Monday evening to go see the bachelorette, one of her favorite girls from the last season of the Bachelor. After waiting through a long line of excited girls (and a few boys) to enter the theater, therein followed more waiting for JoJo to arrive with one of her dates for the show.
As the crowd eagerly awaited their arrival, people working on the show had them practice screaming for when JoJo arrived to film a date for the ABC top hit show, as well as doing a crowd wave for the camera.
After spending a while waiting JoJo, her date and of course, the camera crew, walked into a theater with about 200 screaming girls taking videos with their phones. The couple walked onto the a platform connected to the stage and danced to Dan & Shay’s songs.
Upon seeing JoJo in real life, instead of on the TV screen, Dunlop said, “It was weird to see someone you only know from TV in real life.”
After a couple songs the crew took a break allowing the first 50 or so people who signed the release forms that were in the VIP section at the front of the stage to talk to JoJo. Unfortunately Dunlop was not one of them but the rest of the crowd shouted to JoJo asking her what the name of her date was wherein she replied “His name is Luke.”
This was a very exciting event for bachelorette fans in Greensburg who would have never thought the show would come here when the show has gone to exotic places such as Jamaica and Mexico. Dunlop said, “Seeing JoJo and the concert was so much fun! The coolest thing about it was seeing all the behind the scene stuff, they will probably only show 6 minutes of the shots they took during this part of the date actually in episode when it took hours to film.”