Division Review

Division Review

Luke Shriver, Reporter

In the desolate post apocalyptic New York City after a devastating biological attack the Division is activated. A group of men and women committing  to saving the city at any cost and leaving behind the lives they once had for a greater cause.

In the city, the sounds of gun shots ricochets off the buildings insinuating that trouble can come from any angle making you tense at all times playing. The Division is a captivating loot-driven RPG that is cleverly disguised as third-person shooter. Tom Clancy who made the previous game Rainbow-six Siege with minor score has come back and made an incredible creation.

With its average score of 9/10 the Tom Clancy has made a new game that the entire development team can be proud of. Its storyline is 26 missions long that can be played with co-op opportunity. The co-op play is probably the best thing about the game, with each player’s abilities not only work with the individual, but can help out the group as an overall team, making sure that all members work and communicate with each other in order survive and complete stressful missions.

A problem with many,  including myself, is the issue with bullet sponge enemies. They should’ve made them very bulky and hard to kill bosses, yet they look like pushovers very weak and mild. Having the enemies wear sweatshirts and hoodies with no body armor make them look weak and frail, yet they’ll take round after round with little or no damage happening to them. They should have some bulky armor or just make them look bigger at least to compensate for the bullet sponginess they present to the player.

Overall the game is visually stunning along with its impressive gameplay, yes it has a couple flaws that can be fixed, but all games at first have a couple or so flaws. Just as Battlefield 4 first came onto the shelves with major netcode problems and balancing issues, Dice was still able to make it one of the best FPS on the market with some tweaking, and so can the creators of Division. If you’re interested at all pick up a copy and give it a try, you won’t regret it.