Pancake Breakfast

Kerry Fagan, Opinions Editor

Key Club flipped some pancakes at their annual pancake breakfast on November 14 in the Center of Student Creativity from 8 am to 12 pm. This year they helped raise money for the Remembering Nikki Foundation.
The Remembering Nikki Foundation is a local nonprofit organization that helps families who have children that are dealing with pediatric cancer. The pancake breakfast raised over $1,200 plus other donations that will be received later. The foundation is thankful for any donations they receive.
“I thought that it went really well and was well organized. It was for a great foundation,” said Tori Rutigliano, a member of Key Club.
This foundation began when second grader named Nikki Deniker died from leukemia. This little girl put up a battle though, because it wasn’t her first time fighting cancer,Nikki had cancer multiple times and relapsed.
“The Thinking of Nikki Project was very near and dear to my heart because I had the pleasure of tutoring Nikki while she was ill. She was a sweet little girl with a big heart. I felt honored to help in any way,” said Mrs. Hixson an adult advisor of the pancake breakfast.
The organization helps out other families in need.For example at the pancake breakfast a family recently called the foundation to receive some help. The little boy was recently diagnosed with cancer and was getting treatment, but they did not have a car. They had no way of getting the little boy to his doctor’s appointments to get help for his medical treatment. The Remembering Nikki Foundation will pay for their car so they can help the little boy get his treatment.
Mary Person, the chair of this event, said,“ It makes me proud knowing that some of our money will be helping that little boy.”
Each donation goes to a good foundation. Just by the little things can help make a huge impact in other people’s lives.