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Kerry Fagan is a third year staffer on The High Post and will be most prominent on the layout on the newspaper as the editor in charge. Kerry is someone who once she gets motivated to do something she will not stop till it's completed. She is also not afraid to share her harsh opinion to everyone that cares to listen. Kerry is a part time student at her local community college so she can get a jumpstart on her college career. She's not quite sure what she might end up doing, yet it might be either a marketing degree or a special education, but this is just all depending on what she is mentally prepared for. She isn’t usually a part of any school athletics, but she sometimes will hang around the pool if she really feels the need to be apart of something.She finds blasting her large spread of music in her car driving around tons of fun. Kerry is usually known as the girl who wears all black or “the girl that wears a lot of tye-dye and converse.” Even though Kerry doesn’t enjoy writing as much as she should, she still kinda likes it because she believes it is a way to express herself without actually having to say a word.And a little advice from Kerry if you are going through a hard time just remember “keep on, keepin on.”
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Kerry Fagan, Layout Editor

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Kerry Fagan