2016 Art Gala Proves Successful

Kerry Fagan, Opinions Editor

Art teacher Mary Martha Himler and social studies teacher James R. Beatty started the art collection of over 200 pieces on the walls of Greater Latrobe Senior HIgh more than 79 years ago.This flourishing art collection started with two initial paintings purchased in 1936,the during the Great Depression.
The art selections have been chosen by the entire student body of the high school for generations.This creates a spark of memories and ownership that never ends.“The John Deere painting with flowers can symbolize life, growth, hard work, pass of time, mechanics to modern technology and culture. That’s the one I chose back in the day, I’m not sure if it was in junior high or elementary school, because it inspired me,” said senior Jake Butz.
Alumni like to see how much the artwork has grown and to have a flashback of the past.
“It was a unique year, when John Hull came to a few of us in student council and said find us a piece of artwork,” said Mr.Wetzel an old student council member and now a history teacher.
The 38 students in student council had the opportunity this year to go to Mr. Fred Rogers Fine Arts Regional Juried Exhibition, and Southwestern PA Council for the Arts,Inc. Annual Regional Juried Art Exhibition to pick out a piece of artwork that was presented to the whole student body at Greater Latrobe Senior High School.
”It was a really good feeling to know that I had a major part in picking what goes into the art collection,” said Grayce Marquis a junior in student council.
The docents introduced 18 different pieces of artwork on Tuesday, November 3 to the whole student body.On Wednesday, November 4 students filled out a ballot to vote for the piece of artwork that will represent the 2015 school year, and also it will be throughout the halls for everyone to see.
The art community all came together and put a main focus on all of the art teachers throughout the district, and the reason why we have this art collection all because of Mary Martha Himler love of art.