Behind the Scenes of Godspell 2015


Kolony Miller, Reporter

My heart beat out of my chest and my body shook for what felt like a million years. It was finally auditions. A few days before the auditions were held, Ms. Surden had taught excerpts from three different songs for both boys and girls. You got to chose which one you wanted to sing for the actual audition but needed to know all three in case you were asked to sing another one.


On November 11th, as I was sitting in chemistry, my friend Savannah ran into Mr. Reaugh’s room and yelled “Kolony! Kolony! You got a callback!” I couldn’t believe it! I remembered hearing others audition and thinking how much better they were than me. I was so thankful.


I walked into school on November 17th and shook with nerves. The cast list was to  be posted any minute. After sitting in homeroom for only a minute, I ran down to the choir room to see the finally-posted cast list.


I was happy to see my name on the ensemble list, I would be a part of the production.


As I looked over to the left to see the list of principals, there it was. My name, and I had a solo! I texted my mom right away. I was speechless! I, Kolony Miller, will not only be in the production of Godspell 2015, but I would be singing a solo! My song was titled “We Beesech Thee.” A happy, upbeat song that fit my voice range and personality. Checked that one off my bucket list. “To get a lead in a musical!”

The 11th period bell rings, I rush to my locker to grab my things for home, but most importantly, I grab my binder with my music and script. I patiently wait for Jayden Moffa and then we head off to Miss Surden’s room as I put my stuff down in the clutter.


Rehearsal begins at 2:45 promptly, we grab our music and crowd around the piano to sing through each of the 15 songs . As we are separated into voice parts, I sit among the Altos.


Being one of the only people in the musical who never took voice lessons or is in Concert Choir, learning the songs was a little rough. I didn’t know how to find my pitch or match my note to the piano. I couldn’t understand what the notes were, how many beats each note is held or how many beats we wait until we sing a note. I didn’t even know what a rest was.


Learning the music was probably the most difficult part of the whole musical process. Luckily, Miss. Surden and some of my new friends helped me out. Thanks to them, I am now a better singer because I can somewhat read music.



A few weeks after learning the music, the scripts finally came in. The first read through brought me so much excitement. I had never gotten an official script of my own before.I couldn’t wait to start staging everyone and rehearsing lines. After hearing all the principals in the read through, Mr. Krack decided his “Core 8.” The main eight people to have speaking roles. I was one of them! My eyes grew bigger and bigger as I realized how many lines I had to remember.  71 lines all ranging from one word to a paragraph. I didn’t think I could do it.


We began blocking, getting our positions, in the commons area. The set was being worked on on the stage and wasn’t finished yet. We didn’t yet get the full effect of it. Mr. Krack even said “I know this probably looks crazy now but it will look great on stage.” When we finally began blocking on stage I looked out into the auditorium and realized how small I felt. I was going to be performing in front of hundreds of people.


Yes, I competed at dance competitions in front of almost 1,000 people but this was different, I had to sing in front of my friends and strangers. I had to know so many lines word for word. I had remember each position I had on the stage and when to transition. This wasn’t where if I missed up a dance move I could improvise it without anyone knowing. The best day was when the set started to come in, the stage was finally transforming and I could feel the production finally coming together.


After having rehearsals everyday after school and on Saturdays from 9-3, I was becoming more nervous. We have rehearsed probably near 100 hours total. I now have to be off script and remember everything.

“Tech Week” began on March 1st. Time just flew by. March 13th was opening night and my friends all texted me goodluck. I had so much fun and sang my heart out, my family was so proud. Saturday was a breeze. Even though the crowd was packed, I felt less nervous and sang better than before. During the finale, I bawled my eyes out. What was to be fake tears, turned into real. I became so close with the seniors and made friends with everyone. They became my family. At the cast after party, we all danced like idiots and finally did the tradition of the “Senior Circle” where the seniors form a circle and the underclassmen form one around them and we all sway to “Piano Man” by Billy Joel. I want to thank everyone who came and supported us and enjoyed the final product from all the hard work we put in.