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Senior Year is Feeling A Little Too Close For Comfort

Senior year from a Junior Perspective

B.E.S We Are The Best The Very Best…It doesn’t feel so long ago I was singing this song at Baggaley, or having the jitters before stepping through those main doors at the middle school. I now am a high school junior, I am still trying to figure out how senior year is already next year. High School has had its ups and downs, I am terrible at Chemistry, got my first C on a report card, gained and lost friends, and found true love. I can’t believe next year is going to be my last year of high school. 


School has always been easy for me, besides science classes. I took my first AP classes this year, AP Lang and AP Bio. English classes are my specialty, so AP Lang is so easy, and this year I found my love for writing since I joined Multimedia Journalism. You are probably questioning me, if I suck at science why am I taking an AP Bio class, I wanted to have Mrs. Porembka one last year. She is a very good bio teacher and helps me understand or at least try to. 


In all of my classes, the common phrase from a teacher who has made us fill in the blank notes or push back a deadline is, “Don’t get used to this college is not going to be this easy at all.” I am always left with a nervous gut feeling. Having anxiety causes me to get overwhelmed very easily. I appreciate the warnings, but I am scared I am not going to be able to handle the pressure of the real world. 


“What do you want to study in college?” “Are you going to college?” “Are you taking the SATs, and are you prepping for them?” I feel like I am still a freshman in high school still navigating the halls searching for my classes. I am not ready to grow up and make these decisions.


This year, on July 18, I will be an official adult. That idea frightens me, that means I am officially not a child anymore. I can get an apartment; I can book a hotel room; I can sign off on a tattoo; and I can stay out all night. I can book myself a getaway, which sounds exciting to me. I just never thought the day I turn 18 is 168 days away, Mind blown! 


My mom has been talking to me more and more about what I want my future to look like and the schools I am interested in, and to be completely honest I have no idea. I don’t know many colleges and/or subjects I want to study, I am too scared of making the wrong decision and I am very indecisive. My mom is currently researching and applying for many tours of different colleges near us. Not having my mom with me when I go to college is going to be a challenge. 


Planning after planning is all my mom and I are talking about. We are planning the theme of my senior pictures, classes I want/need to take next year, colleges that I am interested in, and planning when I am going to take the SATs. I never realized how many tasks I had to do when I am a senior. Stressful, yes, but exciting.  


Friends have always come and gone. During eighth grade volleyball Sage and I became best friends and have been ever since.  I am part of a girl group, Danica, Sadie, Penelope, Delaney, Ethan, Emma, and Kenzie, they are all so cool. Some are closer than others, but there is no competition or toxicity, which is everything I could ask for. 

Having a solid group of friends has helped me so much. They help make school so much fun and easier. I can not wait to experience all the fun activities like painting a parking spot and senior sunrise with my spectacular group of friends. I hope that our parking spots are by each other so we can walk in together on the first day of senior year. 


True love is a hard thing to find, so when I started dating Zyan my sophomore year I knew we were going to last. We have been dating for a year and 3 months this February 12th. It is so exciting to be able to experience high school together. Having someone who supports my goals and helps me to achieve them is amazing. I never knew the importance of finding good people who encourage and support you. 


Senior year used to feel so far away, and now since I am in the third quarter of my junior year, I do not know how to feel. All the responsibilities of being an adult and not being a child are leaving a wave of sadness over my body. Senior year is going to be a very sentimental year, leaving my friend, finding your future school/degree, and all the special activities seniors are privileged with,  I can not wait to see what senior year has in store for me.

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About the Contributor
Gracie Mahanes
Gracie Mahanes, Staff Writer
 Gracie Mahanes is a junior at Greater Latrobe Senior High School. She is 17 years old and enjoys spending time with her friends and family. During fall/winter, Gracie plays for a club volleyball team called, Alliance, and enjoys playing with her best friend, Sage. She loves going to see movies, going to the gym after school, and shopping! This is her first year in journalism, but she has always been interested in writing and telling stories. Ever since she was little she has been writing stories and using her imagination. During her freshman year, she took broadcasting but, that only lasted for a whole school year. She wanted to use her writing skills and tell more stories instead of interviews. Gracie plans to focus on entertaining stories and girls' volleyball, but she is open to anything and would love to expand her boundaries. She has an interest in being a journalist and eventually plans on publishing her own books. After high school, she would love to attend Duquesne University and major in journalism and business. Gracie's big overall goal is to become a news anchor for a big-shot news program in New York. She is excited to be a new member of the Greater Latrobe High Post.

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