Internal Love

Benjamin Daniels, Poet

My love burns deep for you

Your the only one I can see

My world stops when you are near

You are my true love

Even when girls flirt with me I still only want you

You may run from our problems

But I will never give up

My love for you is like a fire

It burns on and on

It is never going to stop

For you are my true love

You said you loved me

But you ran away

Never to return

You said I was your only

You moved away

But your still in my heart

Still in my mind

You are my true love

Never again will we meet

But that fire is still burning

Your always on my mind

Its like you never left

I know I messed up

I know I made mistakes

Maybe you will forgive me

Maybe you won’t

Maybe I should give up

Maybe I should move on

I am still in love with you

But maybe only maybe will I be able to move on

My heart belongs to you

You will forever be in it

You are my love

My only true love I cried myself to sleep

Thinking it was a dream

But you are gone

I know now

Its time for me to move on