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The Best Policy is Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness

During the beautiful season of Thanksgiving, I always start to think about things that I am grateful for. I think about all the happy memories I made with friends and family, my health, and the things in my life that mean so much to me. This Thanksgiving season I have been trying to focus on others instead of myself…


Last year during this time of year my teacher gave us an assignment. This assignment gave you ideas of random acts of kindness to do. On a calendar, each day had a different act to do. These acts ranged from super easy– like calling a relative and talking to them or difficult–like cooking a meal for your family. 


Each time I accomplished an act on the calendar I would gain a warm fuzzy feeling everywhere. The more I did the more the feeling would intensify. The idea of brightening another’s day while making me feel better was a win-win situation. After finishing the calendar the fuzzy feeling felt more like a ball of warm happiness all over. 


I love the warm fuzzy feeling when people compliment me or My outfit! The way I smell! My eye color! These compliments leave my cheeks flushed pink and red. I love it when people hold the doors for me when I am coming into school and when it is nippy outside. I love the warm flutters when you are out and about and someone lets you turn before them when you approach the same stop sign at the same time. 


One day my friend, Sage, was not having a good day; she was all over the place, forgetting stuff, and woke up late. When she sat down at the lunch table, she let out a huge sigh. A sigh so loud that it left a ringing in my ear, so I asked her what was wrong. 


I sat and listened to her talk and added my input in when it was needed. I was trying to let her have a chance to get these things off her chest. 


She explained how she woke up at 6:50 in the morning instead of 6:15, and how she was rushed to get dressed, get her makeup done, and get out of the house on time. Sage explained how she forgot to do the graded homework that was due for AP Bio, and how stressed it made her. She said how confused she was about this math problem and just couldn’t figure it out. 


I felt terrible. I knew what I had to do to turn that sad frown upside down. So I snuck off. I walked into the student, asked the worker behind the desk if I could get a Twix, and walked right back to the table.


 As I sat down I handed Sage the Twix and slowly saw her face go from sorrowful to delighted. I made her day better simply by buying her favorite candy and listening to her complain about her day. Changing a friend’s day from bad to good always makes me smile. I love seeing their happy faces brighten with a huge smile.

I just had a huge test in AP Biology and I was stressing over my grade. Zyan and Sage saw how stressed I was, and they felt horrible. So the whole day they were scheming and texting back and forth. They were planning something special for me that they knew would stop my worrying. 


I went the whole day at school stressed and very anxious but, little did I know my day was about to change as soon as the clock struck 2:45. 


It was finally the last set of the day. Sage and I were already planning on hanging out after school and going to the gym. Sage, Zyan, and I love going to the gym after school because it helps us to relieve stress. I was looking forward to leg day and getting my mind off the test.


The clock hit 2:45 and Dr. Benning dismissed us from the last set. Sage and I were waiting in the hall for Zyan so we could leave. We rushed to the car and headed to Planet Fitness. 


As the workout began the test became a vivid thought in the back of my mind. I was feeling a lot better and was finally enjoying myself. It was my favorite, leg day, and my legs were feeling it. All that was on my mind was how much weight I should add and how many reps I should do.


When we finished they finally told me that we were going to go back to my house and have a movie night. My face lit up with excitement! They told me that they could tell I was upset all day and wanted to make me feel better. They were texting back and forth planning a special night for me. 


We all left the gym and went home to my cozy basement and watched all of the Halloween movies we could find. We ate buttery warm popcorn and the test did not cross my mind once. They accomplished their goal. 


Simply by buying Sage a Twix, I changed her day tremendously. Being kind is the best policy. Doing simple random acts of kindness shows many that they are cared for.

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Gracie Mahanes
Gracie Mahanes, Staff Writer
 Gracie Mahanes is a junior at Greater Latrobe Senior High School. She is 17 years old and enjoys spending time with her friends and family. During fall/winter, Gracie plays for a club volleyball team called, Alliance, and enjoys playing with her best friend, Sage. She loves going to see movies, going to the gym after school, and shopping! This is her first year in journalism, but she has always been interested in writing and telling stories. Ever since she was little she has been writing stories and using her imagination. During her freshman year, she took broadcasting but, that only lasted for a whole school year. She wanted to use her writing skills and tell more stories instead of interviews. Gracie plans to focus on entertaining stories and girls' volleyball, but she is open to anything and would love to expand her boundaries. She has an interest in being a journalist and eventually plans on publishing her own books. After high school, she would love to attend Duquesne University and major in journalism and business. Gracie's big overall goal is to become a news anchor for a big-shot news program in New York. She is excited to be a new member of the Greater Latrobe High Post.

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