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Rock Ensemble Jams to a New Song

School of Rock which is a fictitious work that shows how music can impact students lives, by giving them confidence. Mr. Czekaj, the band director and rock ensemble teacher. Is one who brings joy to those around him through music. He is the Jack Black of Greater Latrobe.

His love of music began at a young age. “I started my passion for music like most people through band, I was a clarinetist in elementary school through high school band,”said Czekaj.

For Mr. Czekaj music has always been about being with other people and creating new things with them. Mr. Czekaj then made music into a career based on those points. “During my junior and senior year of highschool was around when I made the decision that music is a career that I could enjoy without feeling like I am working,” he said.

Music is important. It stimulates joy in people. It is a fun activity. It is complicated, but the method to the madness makes sense. “I feel that music is unavoidable, I don’t think you could make it through life without music, ” he said. Music is everywhere you go, it’s in advertisements, it’s on your phone, stores, the radio, and even in nature.

Lucas Braun agrees, especially after being a part of the Rock Ensemble course. “I chose this class because in my opinion it is more interesting than regular music class, and I get to use the instruments that are played in songs that I listen to,” said Braun

Braun plays the electric guitar, bass guitar, and drums , which are the most frequently used instruments in the music he listens to. In most cases Braun likes to beat on the drums.

Lucas also enjoys the class due to the fact that he enjoys how Mr. Czekaj teaches and leads in a better direction. This self-paced course allows Mr. Czekaj to give expert advice. “The other day when my group performed in front of the class, Mr. Czekaj was very patient with us and didn’t interrupt us during our performances.” When the band was having trouble with rhythm and timing he stopped and demonstrated how to properly use 4:4 timing to make it sound accurate for “For Whom The Bell Tolls” by Metallica.

Each Individualized “band” in the Rock Ensemble class has roughly a month to complete their chosen piece. Some chose classic rock songs and others chose more modern songs.

Braun’s group consists of fellow seniors Brady Cole and Trent Barnhart. The trio has been playing music together for about a year on their own and they are able to work together better because of that. “We all started playing music around the same time, Brady convinced me to get a guitar so he and I could play together, and I’ve been hooked ever since,” he said.

Braun believes music has impacted his life from learning to play an instrument. “ I feel that others should try to play an instrument as I did because now I view music differently. Once you understand how instruments work you’ll find what you are listening to is more impressive than you originally thought and how skillful musicians are,” said Braun.

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Brady Cole, Staff Writer
Brady Cole is a senior at Greater Latrobe senior high, he is 18 years old. This is his first year on the High Post staff and hopes to contribute to the tradition of good stories and articles. He is on the wrestling team and has been wrestling for the past 5 years. Outside of school he plays the guitar and golfs regularly, both are newer hobbies for him. Brady is taking a full year Rock Ensemble class where he experiments with different instruments and eventually forms a band with fellow classmates. Brady’s post highschool plan is to attend Pitt Greensburg and to major in psychology and he hopes to find a career as a psychologist in the future. Brady also has an interest in UFC and in his opinion it's the most entertaining sport. Brady has one dog which is a German Shepherd named Loki, he currently is 9 months old and loves to go on walks. Being outside in the wilderness is always an enjoyable time whether it's with his dog or being with his friends, Brady believes that being outside is important and we should try and conserve the wilderness. This year Brady hopes to cover some great stories and to carry on the tradition of the high post. 

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