Digital Media Student, Jake Pittman


There are no extra pieces in the universe, everyone is here because he or she has a place to fill and every piece must fit itself into the big jigsaw puzzle of life. ~ Deepak Chopfra.  

Jake Pittman has been exploring his future plans. A big piece of his life right now is his Digital Media class at the Votech. He has already learned from a wide variety of tools, and all of his best pieces have resulted from Photoshop expertise. This class has been able to shape his life in a way so that he has more options to explore pursuing a college. He is interested in many different careers, and this class has been a stepping stone to his future plans.

A project he currently is working on consists of a creative red, white, and blue background, displaying some of the best professional track athletes at the time right now. These athletes include, Noah Lyles, Trayvon Bromell, Christian Coleman, Grant Holloway, Marvin Bracey, Fred Kerley.  

Track has always been in Jake’s blood. He has sprinted since 7th grade and has put in an unbelievable amount of work since then. Jake has huge aspirations in his future, and track gives Jake a work ethic like no other. He has been able to transfer his work ethic from the track into the classroom, so that he is able to do everything he can to be successful at EWCTC.

Jake enjoys the intensity of this class and getting the opportunity to complete as many projects as possible. With the intensity of this class, Jake is still expected to put 100% effort into the track at the end of the school day. The difficulty of this class allows Jake to transfer that same work ethic he created all day directly into after school practice. 

Jake’s first project included a picture right outside of the Votech. After taking this photo, Jake was able to upload it to photoshop, and edit in a creative balloon lettering above the school that spelled out “EWCTC”.

Another project Jake has enjoyed creating the most so far has been a photo of him standing next to his car before homecoming. He then transferred it into a collage of photos pasted together to form that same picture of him.

One of the most recent skills Jake has developed is being able to edit in different colors to a photo. He has recently become very talented at this particular skill, as he is able to whiten people’s teeth as they smile. 

With all that is taught in Digital Media, Jake is always able to stay busy and expand his knowledge. Working on multiple projects at a time is helpful for Jake as it allows him to be as productive as possible. The productivity resulting from working on multiple projects at once prepares Jake for whatever life throws his way, so that he is always ready for anything.  

This is a very creative class that allows Jake to be able to start with a very ordinary picture, then transform it into something great. The more Jake learns about digital media, the better he is able to create images that you wouldn’t even be able to tell were photoshopped. The reward of learning these skills is very important to Jake, and he strives every day to learn and grow as a student at the Votech.