I wake up

I brush my teeth

I get online and join my classes

This is my life now


I wake up with no motive

I go through the motions

I feel like an experiment

I am no longer a student, but a subject 

A subject that is being led blindlessly like a sheep in different directions by each Shephard


It is easy to press a button and send what you think is helping us

But what you don’t know is that each button being pressed piles up like a digital mountain

We are overwhelmed


Home is no longer a safe space, 

It is my workplace

My basement is the brand new high school

My friends are my dogs

I feel alone down in the cold basement, but this is what I must do


I can’t escape to my bedroom like a normal teenager

Us teenagers have lost privileges, we’ve lost a piece of our childhood

We lost many dances, memories, and hugs with our friends 

We will never get them back