Augie Mucci: An Aspiring Computer Scientist


Dedicated, hardworking, and personable: Augustine Mucci. Augie, a senior, is not only involved throughout the school, but also within his surrounding community. Being the 2021 Class Vice President, a scholar athlete, and Editor of the Latrobean, Augie is a busy individual. He has received the Carson Scholar award 7 times for both academic excellence and for serving his community, as well as being the Founder and President of Science National Honors Society(SNHS). On top of all his outstanding achievements, Augie is working toward creating his own tech company. 

His dream is to get accepted to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to continue pursuing his studies in computer science. He explained, “I have always been fascinated with computers and how they work. In 4th grade, I loved playing Minecraft and wanted to make mods, which are independent, user-made modifications to the game. I taught myself my first programming language, Java, and from there, I was hooked.”

Over the years, he has learned how to use other programming languages including, HTML, Python, Javascript, and some C ++. 

Just two years ago, Augie became interested in servers, so he bought one, learned how to work it, and has been hosting a website ever since.

And on top of it all, Augie does web and graphic design. He has done some work for local businesses, including an auto shop and has also created some advertisements for his dad’s work, as a dentist. Augie adds, “I designed the website for Michele’s Lair, an italian restaurant, where I work as well.”

The Summer of 2020 Augie was offered an amazing opportunity to work hands on in the field of computer science. “I met Dean Thompson, who is the Software Engineer at Yelp,” Augie said.” Thompson is also the Principal Architect at LinkedIn, a job site, and the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Nowait, an app that allows customers to see restaurant wait times. “He asked me if I would be interested in developing an app,” Augie explained. And of course Augie said “yes”. “We began thinking of ideas and finally decided on one. We have been working on creating and designing an app called Felicity, which deals with artificial intelligence and machinery,” Augie said, “I hope to complete the app, making my dream a reality once I graduate college,” he explained.

Throughout his high school career, Augie has taken AP computer science principles, Intermediate programming, and AP computer science A. Already having a background in computer science from a young age, allowed Augie the opportunity to take AP computer science principles as a Freshman.

When we were fully virtual, due to Covid, Augie would be at the school most days working in the yearbook room. His work ethic and accountability has made him an Editor, the VP, and Treasurer of the Latrobean. 

He explained, “I have learned from holding many positions that I have to have good communication and stay organized, so everything can run smoothly.” Augie is conscientious about all of his responsibilities, knowing he has to have a balance between all of them. Time management plays a big role in this process. He said, “I am regimented. I make many schedules and lists blocking out time for each thing that I need to accomplish on a daily basis.” 

As for Augie’s future, he hopes to continue on the path of computer science. “MIT is my dream school, but regardless of where I end up, college is definitely an important step for me as I work toward my goals. I want to be able to explore the different fields of computer science, knowing that my interest will fall into place. Ultimately, I think that it will be based on what opportunities and interests I seek throughout my time in college,” Augie said. 

Overall, Augie has definitely made a name for himself. His ability to be a quick learner and give 100 percent in everything that he puts his mind to will allow him to continue learning and growing in the field of computer science and beyond. No matter where Augie ends up in his future, it will be bright.