Students Turn to Mother Nature During Quarantine



Carter Rockwell manages to reel in a 4 pound largemouth bass during his quarantine!

  Everyone knows the importance of spending time outdoors. It gives people a higher sense of well-being, reduces stress, is a great source of vitamin D, and has many other benefits that  improves our physical and mental health. Unfortunately along with many other things, people are neglecting spending time outdoors due to Corona Virus implications.  

     Now is the time to go out into nature!  Many people are cooped up and going insane, doing the same thing every day.  A simple walk at Twin Lakes will clear your head, give you that taste of fresh air everyone needs, and make your heart happy!  

     Many people are worried of catching the virus if they leave their house.  But going outside is a safe activity that should not worry you!  You can practice social distancing, you will be out in the open, and if you are concerned, you could wear a mask to be extra safe!

     Many students in the area understand this as they venture out of their house to safely enjoy the fresh air.  Some have fished, hiked, walked, hunted, or even rode horses!