Coronavirus on Sports


Richard Hillwig, Staff Writer

The coronavirus has brought tragedy to the things that we love, including our beloved sports teams that we play on and the sports teams that we cheer for. Due to the coronavirus outbreak sports have either been postponed or canceled. Sports are not just something that you love, sports are something that brings people together as one united group. Even though there are different groups that share different interests in sports, it’s still sports that we share that bond with. We wait for the moment that our sports teams will have the chance to compete again to become state champions or to become world champions. Even though we are sequestered inside of our homes to this day, it doesn’t mean that we have to stop practicing and trying to be the best player that you can be. In conclusion, this is what has happened not only to school sports due to the coronavirus but to the pro sports as well. 

  • NFL Draft will be online, and the young stars won’t get there moment on the stage with Roger Goodell
  • NBA regular season has been suspended and no one knows about playoffs yet
  • MLB has delayed Opening Day has been delayed and probably won’t start for another month
  • NHL has been paused since March 12, and the Stanley Cup Playoffs were supposed to start on April 8 and they probably won’t start for a few weeks.
  • Spring Sports for schools have been canceled