Maddie Delucio Slippery Rock Commit

Brooke Kokoska, Staff writer



                                     Maddie Delucio Slippery Rock Commit


     Slippery Rock University recently added a new player to their roster. This player has worked long and hard for this opportunity. She is one of Latrobe’s best and was able to get a scholarship to play on their team. That player is none other than Maddie Delucio. 


“I got into soccer when I was younger, I thought it was exciting and I kept playing it because it was the sport I was best at and loved. I have dedicated a lot of time and effort over the years but all of that hard work paid off,” said Delucio.


As a mid-field center, Maddie was voted one of the captains of the Latrobe girls 2019 soccer team which she worked very hard for. Maddie’s strongest trait is her determination and strive to do well as a whole.  After playing for ten years, all her hard work paid off with her promotion to captain and her new scholarship to Slippery Rock.


During her soccer career she has won first team all section as a sophomore and honorable mention as a freshman. Last year Coach Jamie, the coach for the girl’s latrobe soccer team, awarded Maddie as MVP and gave her the golden boot award.


Maddie was considering other schools such as Duquesne, Edinboro, and Mercyhurst. There were no set offers because Maddie committed to Slippery Rock long before they had the chance to. 


Maddie plays for another team called Century United in which she goes to college showcases where scouts from colleges go and watch. She wasn’t sure as a sophomore of where she wanted to go, but after having an overnight visit she decided on SRU. There were many aspects that Slippery Rock had that made her fall in love with the school. 


“I love the coaches, the campus, the players, and the environment in general. The campus wasn’t too spread out which meant I could walk everywhere. I even know some of the girls that they recruited. Their soccer team is doing very well this year and I can’t wait to have the opportunity of playing at such an amazing school,” said Delucio.


Maddie is going to school majoring in early education to be a kindergarten teacher while juggling soccer. She was happy with the fact that she can play soccer and still have a college life as well. Slippery Rock had just gotten newly renovated buildings which were all easy to find. Since Maddie is an athlete she automatically gets to stay in the suite dorms. 


“I love the people and exhilaration of playing the game and doing well individually and as a team. I feel like soccer helps my academics and has made me grow as an overall person,” said Delucio.


Maddie is going to accomplish great things at Slippery Rock. She has set goals for her future that she hopes to accomplish. She is very excited to be able to have the opportunity to play soccer at such an incredible school. Her strong love and dedication  for the sport is going to create a bright future ahead of her.