Q&A: Colorguard

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Q&A: Colorguard

Sydney Laidacker, Staff Writer

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Lily Slagle, Senior, 3 years in Colorguard

Q: Why did you join colorguard and why?

A:I joined color guard because I wanted something fun to do after school and I couldn’t do coral cats anymore because they switched freshman up to the senior high.  So I thought colorguard was the next best choice.

Q: What would you say to someone considering joining?

A:You should definitely join because it’s one of the most fun things that you’ll do in high school.  All my favorite memories are of marching band, colorguard, football games, practices, and trips.

Q: What is the most intimidating thing about color guard?

A:Thinking about your choreograph and your step off at the same time and making sure everyone is at the same pace and that everyone is counting at the same tempo.  Also making sure to take all the counts so that no one is behind or ahead of anyone and to watch the drum majors at all times

Q:What’s the toughest part about color guard?

A:The first few practices before band camp when everyone is worrying about how much work they know and how good they are doing it.

Q: What’s your favorite memory about color guard?

A:That’s a tough one, I like all of them. My favorite memory this year would be during band camp when I hit my nose off my pole in the middle of land of make believe and no one told me that I had a bloody nose.


Autumn Stemler, Sophomore, 2 years in Colorguard

Q:Why did you join Colorguard and why?

     A:I joined Colorguard because I’ve been dancing for most of my life and I enjoy that type of thing.  So I wanted to try something new but similar to dance.

Q:What would you say to someone considering joining?

     A:I would tell them that they should try it because if they try it they will love it.

Q:What’s your favorite part of the show this year?

     A:My favorite part of the show this year is the stunt that I do because in Pirates of the Caribbean I walk the plank and I do a trust fall.

Q:What’s the toughest part about color guard?

     A:Performing when it is very cold and windy outside.

Q:What’s your favorite part about football games and festivals?

    A:I love when we do the dance to the songs the band plays. My favorite is Hey Baby.


Morgan Chen, Senior, 4 years in colorguard, Captain

Q:Why did you join colorguard and why?

        A:When I was in 8th grade there was a colorguard club and I learned the mechanics.  Then I learned that I couldn’t walk with my trumpet or I would drop it so I decided that colorguard was the next best option.

Q:What would you say to someone considering joining?

        A:There’s no harm in trying it out for a year and decide if it’s good for you or not.

Q:How difficult was it to learn the basics and routines?

        A:I struggled so much my first year.  I could not toss and I was the only girl who couldn’t toss it.  Learning how to toss was hard for me.

Q:What’s the toughest part about color guard?

        A:For me its leading a team and getting everybody were we need to be. It’s a good challenge.

Q:What is your favorite memory about the colorguard?

        A:Last year in winterguard was the first year were we didn’t place last and actually were close to placing.

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