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River City Brass Band Concert

Alli Himler, Staff Writer

January 13, 2020

The city of Pittsburgh is very unique and is known for a wide variety of different achievements. Some call it “The Steel City,” with over 300 steel-related businesses, and others know it to be the “City of Bridges,” with over 466 spanning across the three rivers, but there’s much more to a city than industry. Without music, Pittsburgh wouldn't be the city that it is today, which is why Pittsburgh is the proud hom...

Q&A: Marching Band Council

Q&A: Marching Band Council

September 27, 2019

Angela Nolan Q: Why did you choose to join marching band? “I have played since 4th grade and participated in other activities surrounding band - it honestly felt like the next step.” Q: W...

Q&A: Colorguard

Q&A: Colorguard

September 25, 2019

Lily Slagle, Senior, 3 years in Colorguard Q: Why did you join colorguard and why? A:I joined color guard because I wanted something fun to do after school and I couldn’t do coral cats anymor...

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