Sigut Shoots for the Stars

Hardwork and dedication pays off for Lauren Sigut, a motivated and ambitious graduate of Greater Latrobe, as she earned the title of Salutatorian. From her school involvement to her bright personality, there is so much she will continue to achieve in the future.


After contemplating on her college and career options, she came to a fulfilling choice at Georgia Institute of Technology. The school stood out to her because of her family’s love towards it. “I have been raised in a Georgia Tech loving, southern family,” said Lauren, “My grandpa worked in aviation and told me how everyone in that community respected Georgia Tech.”


She is excited be apart of the school’s culture and to participate in all it has to offer. “They are the #2 school in the country for mechanical engineering, which is awesome. It’s in the heart of Atlanta, so there will always be something fun to do, plus internship programs.” Lauren plans to major in Mechanical Engineering with a double major in either Biology or Earth Science. She also looks forward to the possibility of working with NASA through an internship. Lauren has invested time in space camps, like Space and Advanced Space Academy in Huntsville, Alabama, the past couple summers. All in all, Lauren has had a long time fascination with space and astronautics.

That being said, Mechanical Engineering was a fitting choice for her. “I like fixing things and problem solving, and in particular, I like seeing how moving parts work together to accomplish a task; I think that is really cool,” said Sigut. “Mechanical engineering is the broadest type of engineering and lets you dabble in a lot of different fields which is helpful. Specifically, I really like aeronautics, astronautics, and biomechanics”.


Being President of Science Olympiad, a member of Science Bowl, Society of Women Engineers, and Westinghouse Science Honors institute have helped her to gain an in-depth knowledge throughout high school. “I hope to gain a better understanding of engineering and physics and basically absorb whatever knowledge that I possibly can; more than just a degree, I want the skills that will carry me and allow me to thrive,” Sigut stated. College is a big step towards one’s development in their field and Lauren has hopes to keep working towards her goals.

Throughout the years, she has learned many valuable lessons. “Do things because you love them and enjoy them and will get something out of them, not because something or someone tells you too” Sigut explained, “If you aren’t motivated about a class or club, then rethink why you are doing it. If your heart isn’t in it then should you really keep doing it?”  This has allowed her to be well rounded in her endeavors.


In doing so, she has been able to enjoy and make time for some of her favorite activities including; Outdoor Odyssey where she has volunteered as a mentor and junior counselor, field hockey, being president for our school’s Kiwanis Key Club, French National Honor Society, National Honor Society, Future Business Leaders of America, and PA Math League.

She said, “A good grade is useless, if you didn’t learn anything in getting it.” The stress from grades, tests, and homework can really take a toll on students. Mistakes happen, but they are lessons to be learned. That’s why it is keen to focus on the big picture and not to sweat the small stuff like test scores and miscommunications. On that same token, maintaining a balance between school, work, social life, and other activities can be trying at times. Lauren prioritizes her days so that she can accomplish as much as she can. That’s why Sigut mentions “Don’t procrastinate”, as another one of her biggest tips to remember.


Lauren learned a great lesson in handling an overload of responsibilities. “Set your priorities. As humans, we cannot possibly do everything, there simply isn’t enough time in the day to do so. I would know, I like trying to, but sometimes you just can’t. Pick and choose what is important, whether it be studying for a test, spending time with family, taking a nap, going for a run, or just jamming out to music to clear your head. A bad grade on one assignment will not ruin your life or your future, but you can never get time with your family back, because once it is gone it’s gone. Find what is important, maybe just focus on one one big assignment at a time and put less important things to the side, and make sure you take some time to yourself outside of school work too,” she explained.

Along with being highly motivativated, Lauren is the type of student to always lend a helping hand. She spends a good majority of her time volunteering in her church community as a Sunday School teacher, ushering at masses and working on service projects with Saint Vincent’s youth group. Even with her busy schedule, she won’t hesitate to help out whenever she can and sticks to her word. “If I set my mind on doing something, you better bet your bottom dollar that I’m going to follow through with it,”. she said with determination.


The support she receives from close people in her life is a driving force for her ability to accomplish her goals. “My parents have always given me the tools I need to succeed and the support to keep me motivated and working hard,” Lauren noted. Sigut also appreciates her older sister, Taylor, immensely because “She has always been a motivated, dedicated hard worker and supportive of all of my endeavors.”

She thanks her teachers for “lifelong advice along with homework, contrary to popular belief.” Teachers like Dr. Snyder, Mrs. Hoopes, and Mrs. Keyser have been valuable assets to her education at Latrobe. “Lauren is one of the hardest working and most focused students anyone will ever meet, Lauren is dedicated to academic as well as personal success and is not afraid of a challenge,” said Dr. Snyder whom she had for AP Language Arts, “She uses each and every hurdle as an opportunity to learn and grow”.


“The real secret to success is what you do with opportunities provided by any school. So make your choice based on where you think you can be your most authentic self and invest your whole heart in learning and growing as a person,” Dr. Snyder said in regards to advice she’s given to Lauren as well as to any student in the midst of their college decision.


She is also appreciative of her friends, not only for the company, but for the quality advice and comfort they give her. “It helps to have a support system in school for the roughest of days”, said Lauren.


From her tenacious work ethic to her unique interest in space, Lauren will continue to shoot for the stars when it comes to what she is passionate about.