NAHS Students Help Life Skills Students Express their Creativity

Bright smiles and eager eyes, life skills students from Latrobe Elementary School were excited to participate in an art lesson, art tour, and music show at Latrobe High School on February 26, 2019.


Two groups of students arrived at the high school, 1st-3rd and 4th-6th graders, some of whom started off their fun-filled day with an art lesson conducted by members of the National Art Honor Society. Each member was paired with a student and worked one on one with them to craft a winter scene made with watercolor paint, construction paper, and glue. The art lesson was mutually beneficial because it gave the kids a sense of artistic integrity and gave the NAHS members the opportunity to teach.


One member of NAHS, Talia Mongelluzzo, was glad to be apart of the lesson. “Mrs Balko emailed us with the information as soon as she got it. I got the notification on my phone and immediately knew I wanted to do it,” she said in regards to finding out about the opportunity. She knew right away that it’d be a good fit for her. “I love kids and art, so this was the perfect combination,” Mongelluzzo noted.


When the kids arrived, the room filled with activity. “My favorite part of the experience was getting to know the kids. When the kids came in, they all ran over to a high school student.”


Talia was paired with a child from the 1st-3rd grade range. “My child, Sebastian, was the sweetest little boy. He was so excited to paint a picture of a “winter scene”. I helped him through it, but he did very well on his own,” Talia explained.


The kids got a chance to see the highschool and the potential and future they have ahead of them. Overall, the life skills students were given the opportunity to feel accomplished while enjoying their time spent here. “Seeing the kids reactions to their paintings when they were done was by far my favorite part. It was so great to see them all smiling and showing each other their hard work”, said Mongelluzzo. The whole experience helped the students to be actively engaged and helped them to express their creativity in a comfortable setting among their peers.