Sofia Herr

The Untitled Artist


William Beddick, News Editor

“I started to take art seriously in the sixth grade, but I’ve always been drawing since I was little.” said rising artist, Sofia Herr. Since the age of five, Herr was doodling in sketchbooks filled with drawings. In the past year she got an instagram specifically for her art ( where she posts photos of her recent projects.

“In the sixth grade, we were doing charcoal drawings of owls in Mr. Bolby’s art class. He liked it so much that he put it in the art show and then in the Mountain View hallways where it still is today,” Herr said with a smile on her face.

One of her biggest accomplishments around the community is at the Youth Art Exhibition in Ligonier and winning first place at the GLSD Art Show. Herr said, “I always have something in the exhibit and I am very proud of that.” Herr has been featured in the exhibit over the past few years not only her charcoal piece of owls, but some of her prints and last year a pastel portrait.

“I’ve always been drawing since I was little.””

— Sofia Herr

In May, Herr traveled to SAIC (School of Art Institute of Chicago) where she visited the campus and met many other students enrolled in the institute. “They shared with me their experience at the school and even helped tell me what I need to do to get myself into the school for the future,”  Herr said.

At the moment, Herr is working on a commission piece for one of her father’s colleagues from Saint Vincent College and said, “It is a portrait of his children on a big sheet of watercolor paper.” With painting each children’s face perfectly on the paper, she hopes it will turn out well for her father’s colleague.

This summer, Herr hopes to apply to an over the summer residence program at the SAIC where she will be in the city of Chicago taking classes for two weeks as a regular college student would. “I think that this camp would be a good idea for me, because I don’t know what I am going to do in the future and this is very important for me.” Herr said as she looked toward her uncertain future after high school.