Child wishes to receive Christmas cards from all over the World

Sydney Laidacker, Staff Writer

At DuBois Area Middle School an 8th grader named Maddox Hyde was told he only has a few weeks to live and his wish is to receive Christmas Cards from all over the world.  

Maddox has a very rare cancer called neuroblastoma, it is located in small glands located near the top of the kidney. This summer he regained his ability to walk and talk again.   He had survived cancer two times already, but unfortunately, it came back for a third round.

Doctors said that this time around it was untreatable and Maddox would only have a few weeks to live.  Ever since then Maddox has been receiving cards from all over the world. Including some of the classes in the elementary schools.

At the elementary school, students made cards for Maddox Hyde. The teachers shared his background with the students and the students went straight to work.  The students sent their wishes and prayers towards Maddox.