Optimal Organization

High school is full of responsibilities, obligations, and new experiences. Having different activities to juggle all at once can get stressful to keep track of at times. So to help students make the most of their time, a planner can help. Planners benefit students in their endeavors and can help to de-stress students as they navigate their way through school. High school is a stepping stone for the future and preparation is a trait that can be very useful to students as they approach college and their plans for their future.
Not only can planners be used for homework assignments, they can be used to keep track of work schedules, club meetings, sport schedules, and time with friends. These things are a big part in telling the story of a high school student. Having planners can teach students responsibility, organization skills, and the ability to multitask. Senior Anne Dalton uses her planner often and has advice to share: “Make it personal and be creative. There is no one way to do it. Personally, I like color coding and having tabs for different sections such as goals, upcoming events, and reminders.” Having a written copy of events, scheduling, and balancing out what needs to get done and when it needs done can lead to a more productive lifestyle.

With the recent change of no longer receiving school issued agendas, many students have found solidarity by purchasing and using personalized planners to help organize their busy lives. A few planner enthusiasts at Greater Latrobe were asked two questions…
What is your favorite part about your planner?
How has your planner helped you this school year?

“What I like most about my planner would be the organizational tabs for each month. I can flip right to my schedule each week and pencil in my appointments.”
– Olivia Svidron, Senior







“I like that I’m able to organize my assignments and make sure that I get them all done. It’s helped me by allowing me to do these things daily”
– Katie Dunlap, Senior
“I like that I can be creative, yet organized. I have one planner that is daily and for school assignments and the other is a calendar for club meetings and events. With college decision season, it has been hard to keep track of all my responsibilities. It is convenient for me to see what I still need to do and it’s satisfying to check things off once they are completed. I like to plan ahead and my planner helps me balance school and my life outside of it.”
– Anne Dalton, Senior