“Thinking Out Loud” about Ed Sheeran’s Concert


Sara Majorsky, Business Manager

Crisp fall wind, flashing lights, and exhilarating music filled the air on an evening in Pittsburgh, September 29th 2018, when Ed Sheeran performed at PNC Park. Ed Sheeran delighted concert goers with his wittiness, simplistic style, and talent.


The concert started off with two opening acts. First Anne Marie, an upcoming artist, sang some of her songs including; “f.r.i.e.n.d.s.”, “Rockabye”, and “2002”. She captivated the audience by telling childhood stories. Following shortly after the first performer was “Snow Patrol”. They performed their most recognizable song “Chasing Cars”. Ironically enough, Ed Sheeran used to be Snow Patrol’s opening act. The band helped to relax the audience with their slow paced and melodious music style.


As soon as Ed Sheeran prepared to step on to the stage, the crowd stood with anticipation. While the stadium lights went dim, color began to illuminate the stage. He appeared, holding only an acoustic guitar.


Christina Majorsky, a longtime fan who attended the concert, said “My favorite moment from the concert was when he sang “Dive”, mainly because I love that song and it’s one that isn’t as well known as some of his other songs.” Though his music is widely known and many of his songs play consistently on the radio, his albums are full of songs that don’t get as much recognition. So including these songs helped to make the concert more diverse.


Throughout the concert, he made sure to engage the audience with stories. Between almost every song, there was a moment to laugh. He continually reminded his audience that he’s not “perfect”, no pun intended, and that it’s important to embrace the person that you are.


Many people gravitate towards his music because of how inclusive it is. He writes about things that almost anyone can relate to, like the feeling of love, worry, and trust within yourself. No matter how old you are those feelings are ever present in day to day life.


Ed Sheeran’s story is one that many people can relate to and learn a great deal from. He started off as just a kid who loved to play guitar and write music. He’s still that same person, except he has a large set of people supporting him because of the effort he put forth to get to where he is now. He never brags about the success he’s achieved, instead he doesn’t settle for good enough and takes everything as an experience to learn from.

Ed Sheeran is a timeless kind of artist that will leave an impact on this generation much like many others before him.