Our Experience of Flight 93…


Jace O'Barto

The Tower of Voices

“Some parts made students emotional like listening to the voicemails the victims left their families. It was a cool experience and I recommend that other students go if they get the chance.” -Jess Huemme

“I really enjoyed the trip. It was my first time at Shanksville and I thought it was very surreal and beautiful. I hope I get the opportunity to go again.” -Isaac Landry

“It was a good experience and I would go again.” -Cooper Landry

“I really enjoyed the trip; they did a great job building and designing the memorial. It was quite emotional, especially when I listened to the phone calls people on the plane made to their loved ones. One of my favorite parts was the flight path that led to the boulder where the plane crashed. When I was walking on it, I just kept thinking to myself in shock,”This is where the plane flew all those years ago.” I definitely recommend others to take this trip. It’s great to go and learn more about what happened on that day in history, but it’s even greater to respect those who died and their families.– ” -Katie Ulicne